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August 29, 2008


Mic Hell

Oh, Jello...why are you stumping for that worthless ticket?


i'm surprised he's not supporting ron paul or bob barr. shit, i forgot nader was running!


This is awesome:

Nader is the only liberal non-warmonger running. Anyone calling themselves liberal who supports Obama is a fraud.


Yeah, I used to vote Green til I found out Daft Punk were dems, then I was all, war rules

follow my flickr page via

- i have some WAY better photos from the DNC and Nader rally than that one of Jello...

and Jello wasn't "stumping for that worthless ticket" - he, sean penn, rev jay, tom morello, nellie mckay, et al were there for an 'open the debates' rally and FYI Green Party's Rosa Clemente, Bob Barr, Cindy Sheehan, etc. were ALL allowed to speak which is kind of cool if you really put it all in context.

in in MN @ the RNC right now and you know what my first inbox message was? a barrage of antiabortion prop from the Huckabee people...

now i have monty python's 'every sperm is sacred' stuck in me 'ead...

and the BEST twitter message I have ever read is "You know Sarah Palin would be a MILF if she didn't insist on getting pregnant"...LOL!!


I am dissatisfied with Jello's support for Nader.
Instead, I will just vote for Jello himself, as a write in candidate. Makes more sense.
Abolish the party system!!!

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