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August 18, 2008



The best PDX band, for my money, as a former PDXer, is Run On Sentence. They are absolutely amazing live!


I would advise those near Portland who appreciate free music to check out the PDX Pop Now festival, (this year's festival just happened a couple weeks ago). It's free and features around 50 bands (including some of the above).

Good times.

John Hodgson

I was surprised not to see The Dead Airfreshners or Mattress represented.

Cary Clarke

Thanks for the kind words about PDX Pop Now! We're just excited to be a part of, and champions for, the Portland music community

In addition to the annual, free, three-day, all-ages festival of Portland music, PDX Pop Now! also puts out a double-disc compilation album of Portland soundage every year. The discs are a way for people not in, or able to get to, Portland to discover some of the ridiculous number of amazing bands, emcees, laptop wizards etc. we have here, and they also feature a fair amount of unreleased tracks or rarities from some bigger-name PDX folks.

Anyhow, the infomercial will end there, but if you want to check out the PDX Pop Now! 04, 05, 06, 07 or 08 compilations, they're all available for $8 on CDBaby. Most recently:

PDX Pop Now! 2008 on CDBaby

More info at

Jacob Anderson

And naturally my domain name expires the day after this goes up. I'll get Tape Mountain back up at some point in the next day or two. As always, exquisite timing!

Hippie Zingo

You wrote: "Portlanders have appropriated the PDX airport code to signify anything related to Portland, which seems like a pretty rare regional culture phenomenon."

Actually, I think it's not uncommon... for example, Sarasota, FL, where I live, is affectionately known as SRQ, and, in fact, we even have an 'SRQ Magazine' here, too!


3 years after moving here to portland from CT, it figures
it would be fmu to enlighten me as to whats what in this town-
there is so much going on, i feel overwhelmed and usually
just stay home- now i have at least some reference point-


James Squeeky also runs which lists most upcoming noise/experimental shows.

Wot? no Bugs? ;) Great to hear some early Glass Candy - am from UK but can't tell you how many times I come across a good band and they're from Portland.

... and find out that they're from Portland I meant.. many thanks!


What a great collection of free music related to the Portland Music scene. There are literally so many bands that it is impossible to cover them all, but I figured that I would mention a few more bands that are worth checking out.

Baptist Arms are a two-piece group that play murder ballads reminiscent of Nick Cave or White Magic. I've seen them live around 6 times, and their sound is absolutely enthralling. Check out their myspace page here:

Cicada Omega are a band that defies categories as they sound like a bastard cousin of Captain Beefheart mixed with the Staple Singers and RL Burnside. Blues, rock, country, gospel and funk all rolled into one. For samples of their music and other info please visit the band's website below or check out my blog Eclectic Grooves for Mp3's from their new album.

Also some other bands worth noting are CexFucx, Eternal Tapestry, Valet, Evolutionary Jass Band, Jef Brown, Hammer and Hathor, Tu Fawning, Old Time Relijun and Blitzen Trapper. I'm sure that there are more that have slipped my mind, but this is a good start.

If you are looking for a more full review/description of some of these bands, please check out my blog. It is called Eclectic Grooves and it features full reviews and Mp3's from Evolutionary Jass Band, Jef Brown, Old Time Relijun, Tu Fawning, Cicada Omega and Baptist Arms.

Best, Kevin


Hours of Portland-based public domain experimental mp3s at


Yes, the Dead Air Fresheners and Mattress are really important, as is Soup Purse, who I think is fantastic.

Also, I am of the mind that Glass Candy is highly over-rated. I'd much rather listen to the dance/disco music they are ape-ing.




loch lomond is worth mentioning.

Sean Lewis

Then, there's Auburn, who destroys all Portland bands:

They're offering they're whole album for free download.

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