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August 13, 2008



oh boy, this is pure gold! Thanks for posting!

Kevin Killion

Hey, that's Jim Stagg on the cover, for a feature story about him in this issue. Stagg was a key personality from the glory days of WCFL in Chicago.

And who's that guy down in the corner? The text of the name is a little fuzzy -- is that first letter in his last name an "S"? Or -- omigosh -- it is a "P"? Does kinda look like him!

Listener Kliph

I love Programmer's Digest. I have the premiere "issue," which features profiles on DJ Jay Thomas (future mediocre sitcom star and frequent Letterman guest) and Charlie Tuna. Also lots of Dick Hyman moog music used as production beds.

Listener Kliph

Some of it is here:

Hear It Wow

To answer the question, that's Ron Saul, National Promotion Director for Warner Brothers on the cover. He didn't contribute any vocal tracks to this issue, but here's some text from the liner notes:

Ron Saul may well be named "coach of the year"--by the record and radio industry. It seems Saul decided one sure way to attract attention to his product was to have it promoted by pro football players and he recruited Cedric Hardman (San Francisco 49'ers), Carl Ehler (Minnesota Vikings) and Joe Greene (Pittsburgh Steelers) to do just that.

According to Saul, football is a great common denominator and almost everyone is interested in football. Therefore with the exposure and publicity given to the pro player, he is able to appeal to mutual interests.

Of course the stature of the promo pro might give a little added impetus to that appeal.

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