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August 17, 2008



Another grandslam, Kliph. Fantastic video, too. Thanks.

Gaylord Fields

Once again, Kliph, your scholarship is exemplary and your subject is well-chosen. I await your inevitable book on these various showbiz figures!


"The Jimmy Dean Show in 1963, hosted by the country and western star known best for his phallic mining ballad."
...who went on to become one of the nations leading sausage manufacturers.

tim from Radio Clash

If that biography doesn't turn up, you should write it. Excellent article on George - although I learned a lot of this from watching him and listening and Wikipedia, there's stuff there, and interviews and research to be done. He needs that - cos the change from TV gonk to drop out is really interesting - and provokes the question about the 69/70 and how widespread that countercultural shock was?

Also great to see Smothers Brothers which I've heard of but never seen.


This is so very well written. You put this together nicely. I'm looking forward to the next chapter, the 70's. Good luck with the 80's :)
If you need any other references, I do still have a few tricks up my sleeve, but you sure do your homework :)
If you have any way to find that "The Real George Carlin" special (search Monsanto nights presents) that would be AWESOME.
I second the notion about you writing the bio. You should contact Tony Hendra.


There's a slight glitch in the links, the Actor's Studio link takes you to Lehrer content. Well done!


Very well written and accurate article of George's early career. Thank you for sharing it.

Nick F

Thanks for another great article, Kliph.

Alan Park

Thank you, Kliph, and congratulations.

Michael Powers

I'm just waiting for the American Archive of Television to post the rest of their Carlin interview, and wondering what in the world the hold-up could possibly be. I've never known them to release an interview piecemeal this way. By the way, I recently took another look at Carlin's last HBO special and realized how much he was really growing as an artist. Much as I'd never wish any pain on him, I kind of wish he'd gotten a diagnosis with a year to live to see what he might've unexpectedly done during his last live HBO broadcast that no one expected, once he had nothing to lose. It would be something to behold, I'm sure. I saw the camera rehearsal for the "F--k the Children" HBO show in '99 at the Beacon Theatre, sitting directly behind Jon Stewart, and was just blown away that night by that bit and the one about religion being nonsense. His death is such a terrible loss since he was becoming even better and I'm harboring an ominous feeling that we're soon going to need him more than ever.


Once again, Kliph, your scholarship is exemplary and your subject is well-chosen. I await your inevitable book on these various showbiz figures!

"Sample Dissertations"


I believe I have an album that Carlin did on the Advertising business back in 1964. It was a private promotional album that was made specifically for the agency's clients. Not a single curse word of vulgarity on either side. I grew up in that era and the album was a blast!


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