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August 22, 2008


Portland band Hustler White with drummer Megan Remy. Judging by this photostream, I think what she's doing now is probably better.

What is that brown slop she's eating off the floor?

i love that she does the great Beach Boys song
'I Can Hear Music',
and clearly she's doing
something not very musical....

These kids today (get off my lawn)
must be so desensitized and bored
to put up with crap like this!!
and to even want to make crap like this...


Excellent set - loved it.


love it.

so into this


US GIRLS live in Paris :

The Paul

The music is rubbish. Another irrelevant hipster act that is uninspiring and bored at best. Talentless and soulless really. If I saw a band like this live I'd end up throwing something at them or vandalizing their vehicle just to sleep comfortably that night. Maybe if her boy haircut gave her a penis this would be called genius? NOPE


Found this late, but I love it. She's great.

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