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August 11, 2008



I've been trying to find Belinda & Hova on Gaylord's archives but the link is for 8/3! Very frustrating!

Liz B.

Hi Susannah, sorry for the bad link. Try again, it's fixed.


The Hound almost ruined the entire weekend for me by claiming that my generation hasn't produced any art of value. Check out the post on the 88Boadrum, chief.


We miss Belinda and Hova so!

Jeff Tramiel

Why aren't the MP3 links working?

Liz B.

Sorry about that, Jeff, our MP3 archives expire after 30 days due to server space limitations (in fact, I'll delete them from this post now). The good news is that our IT crew of one has an evil plan to thwart the server space issue and offer up permanent archives of higher quality than real audio. We hope to implement this soon.

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