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August 06, 2008



i like the Brett Lawrence one best.


definitely the Al Arthur 24 design. Very nice. Friendly.

Texas Prairie Chicken

The Jennifer Steffey design would look great on a shirt, as would Brett Laurence. Great job.

Joe R

WOOF MOO!!! It's hilarious! And yes, the Steffey design would look great on a t-shirt or a sticker. (They're all great.)

The Contrarian

Arthur & Laurence get my picks. Steffey's Parkway-inspired logo gives me a sense of Jersey Pride, but I've seen too many variations of that logo used elsewhere. We wouldn't want people to think that WFMU has something to do with NJ 101.5, would we?


What? No love for the Travis Pitts stylus design? Those are the best!

Hendrik Dacquin

I really love the design by Kellie Alvarado

But the new logo is really nice too!


I think the Travis Pitts "Stylus" designs are the best of these, but who the hell am I?

The winning design is pretty basic, which is OK, I guess, but seems like it was chosen by committee. . . which I guess it probably was, huh?

The dog/cow design would make a good t-shirt-- the kind where people will stare at it trying to figure out what it means.

Listener James from Westwood

Strong entries and a fine winner. Do indeed keep some of the runners-up in mind for swaggage. I for one would be proud to affix Jennifer Steffey's logo to my car.

Listener James from Westwood

For those who haven't dug into the full submission stash, Mike Krol's tape design is a lovely one too.


I would LOVE to have a tee with the dog and cow! Love it!!!


thanks for the stylus love!


oh wow, steve dressler's were totally professional.
and duh, i JUST got the dog/cow one. that is quite tee worthy.

R. P.

Any one of these would do you proud. I agree with the several people who gave props to Brett Lawrence and Jennifer Steffey, and also really like Al Arthur's design. Please do a "Woof Moo" t-shirt! It would be one of my fave shirts.

Dale Hazelton

I say they're all winners!

Seriously, Jennifer's really goes with the spirit of the station, in my humbled opinion.

Scott M.

Woof. Moo. I love it!

These are all great.

R. P.

Just checked the others. R Scott Patterson's is worthy, too.

Hell's Donut House

I want a Travis Pitts stylus coffee mug!

Tim Kjær Lange

A good bunch of logos. Although, to me, Travis Pitts' logos stand out.


Congrats Robin. Very understated. Reminiscent of early TV logos. I like Jonathan Woods designs ( although the bleeding ear was a turn off ) , Travis Pitts Candy wrapper, Jennifer Steffey art deco design. Wow, and a plain black and white type design was the winner. Very conservative. Can I get that on something other than a black t-shirt?


Brett Laurance's design is by far and away THE BEST. Why aren't they using his? It should have won. (and no, he didn't pay me)


This one would make a good bumper sticker:


Gotta chime in - Please make a t-shirt of the Woof-Moo design by Aaron TW - or just post a print-ready version and we can make our own!


I second the Woof-Moo t-shirt. Aaron's a winner for the best creative idea. I love it!

Hornet Montana

So when does the new logo replace the old one on ye olde homepage...

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