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August 14, 2008


Mr. Counts

Blood, AIDS, hip hop, giant black phallus protruding from the center of the... ah, just run with it. Don't forget the stupid ribbon. 2nd annual design: Hitler rapes a f$@*!#@ kitten.


Splattered blood is no way to promote a hip-hop benefit. And FOR HIV too (aren't these benefits supposed to find something AGAINST HIV?). I mean, they probably mean well. But this really needs to go back to the drawing board for some visual and grammar correction....


At first I thought it said Hip Hop OR HIV, like you have to choose


I just noticed that the splattered blood morphs into the city skyline at the top. Neat way to underscore our off-the-charts violent crime rate, huh? Ah, Dallas.

Power Sherlock

They should have gone the whole hog and merged the 2 to make 'Hiv Hop'


One mans atrocity is another mans truth in advertizing.

just john

What the hell is H Phop?

Hugo Logo

worst logo ever goes to the new WFMU logo on the homepage.


Did you notice how the top of the microphone looks like a diagram of the HIV virus?


Nashville had an AIDS Walk several years ago, and donors got a special AIDS Walk Fanny Pak.


First of all, if you don't know what H Phop is by now, then you're just not "with it."
Also, I never thought I'd see a logo worse than the "Groomer Has It" logo, but there you go.

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