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September 03, 2008


Krys O.

Cool to see Jobriath but that's not Bob McAllister in the intro.

Here's Bob LINK

Still trying to figure who that is. Something tells me that he was on something like That's Incredible!


Actually I think that's Skip Stephenson doing the introduction. And I'm not proud of knowing that.

Krys O.

Got it! That's Skip Stephenson who was on Real People!



that's not Jobriath, either.

Pseu Braun

We *know* it's not Jobriath, Ian for goodness sakes, CONTEXT!


i messed up my own context! i was responding to Krys' correction.

anyway, it's good to see old Peter Gabriel footage.


This is probably what Peter Gabriel was afraid would happen IF he stayed with Genesis. So no bad thing he didn't.

Dale Hazelton

How'd that dude change eyebrows so quickly, was that a mask?

It looked like Woody Allen running over to the toteboard at the end. These things were fun to watch in the 70's. Just 'blah' now.


That fella is completely successful at being creepy the way a mannequin is creepy. He moves like "Soy Bomb".


if you like weird masks on pop music check this out :


You had John Barbour on this blog, now Skip Stephenson. When are we going to see the full-tilt Real People revival on Beware of the Blog, huh? Any Peter Billingsley clips?

Ned R.

A live review?

The uploader of that clip is thanked as 'Brent' in the one comment left and this is about a Brent-led band named Manakin from 1981, though maybe they went through some musical changes...

Ned R.

I'm finding out more information! I posted on my own blog about this (and linked back here, of course):

And it turns out we have at least one mutual friend via Sparks fandom (LONG story)! Will post more on my blog as I can.


i'm excited there are people trying to dig up more on Manakin! they did at least one more song that day (and judging how the video ends, i'm guessing it is on the same tape) and i'd love to see it. high schmaltz, but fun to watch.

Ned R.

Okay, it's gotten to the point where Butch Patrick is involved in this whole story to an extent. Really!

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