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September 23, 2008



I'm curious how many will now have tinnitus (or other hearing damage) from having listened to music that loud (and for so long). I caught a little of Lightning Bolt (amongst others), the loudest small band or whatever they called themselves. Even with the radio turned way down I could only listen for a few seconds.


who's had tinnitus since the early '90s. A loud Richard Thompson solo ACOUSTIC set (at the Tarrytown Music Hall, sitting in the balcony) started mine... I love music but I'm not sure it's worth that.

I can appreciate what they are trying to do and enjoyed last year’s ATP. I ordered two tickets from them and never received them. Now they are refusing to give me a refund for tickets I never received. Hopefully, they will have a change of heart so I can retract this statement. Beware! I got ripped off!

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