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September 24, 2008


Mick O

Boo! Nazi Fascist Supremists!



Boo! Nazi Fascist Supremacists!

Quoted for truth.

Also, wasn't Candid the record label that Mingus started in the 1950s for projects that he couldn't get the majors to release?

Jeff with one f

Shouldn't that read,

"Boo! Democratic Party!"

Jonathan Steinke

No, it should read,

"Boo! Karl Rove!"



Colin The Culture Hunter

That School bus thing? Erm.......

Thats kinda worrying dont you think?

King Daevid MacKenzie

...Department of Shameless Self-Promotion Department: if y'all would like to hear another comment on these racists, check out sometime in the next few days (it'll only be there for a couple of weeks or so)...

Doug S

King Daevid:
Rusty scalpel indeed. Wow! Triple wow! What a miraculous artifact. Thank
you deeply for sharing. I will be playing this on my radio show soon and
will link to your page from my playlist.


if you listen closely to "The School Bus" by T. Tommy Cutrer, it is not so much pro-segregation as it is pro-common sense. The school in the town in the song had always been integrated, and busing was not necessary, but was forced, ultimately leading to tragedy.

Lizzie Franks

This is great. Thanks!

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