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September 26, 2008



OMG, douche-nozzle? I think everyone should know this insult. I just tried to drink an unopened beer. Gooodnight.


So funny. Great design here as well

Ray Brazen

SOMEONE has the guts to tell the TRUTH about life in Florida!

Thank you Sarah. Thank you. G-d bless.


Sarah deserves all the exposure she gets.

Thanks for the clip.


Now that she dumped Jimmy Kimmel, I can stop pretending to hate her.
It was as if Helen Frankenthaler was fucking Thomas Kinkade.
Way to go Sarah! I'm not voting for Obama, since I'm an anarchist and I don't vote... but nice video.

Account Deleted

My post, my rules. Sorry, haters, but your anti-Obama political rants will have to go elsewhere. Thanks for playing!


As brilliant and well-intentioned and funny as this is, it is irrelevant. As Ford Prefect said, presidents don't have power--their job is to draw attention away from it.

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