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September 03, 2008



You forgot one thing.
What is it Sergeant Friday?
It's against the law.

Listener James from Westwood

"Hinky." I have James Ellroy to thank for introducing me to that word. Not sure if its mention above means Joe Friday used it too, but considering both men share the LAPD as their obsession, I wouldn't be surprised.

Eric B.

Brilliant! You're my new hero!

Aaron Gold

Hah! I wrote a quick Dragnet [radio] episide in haiku:

This story is true.
Only the names have been changed
For their protection.

Sunday, July 5th.
I'm on robbery with Frank.
Then a call came in.

"Friday, Robbery.
"Please calm down, ma'am. Where are you?
We'll be right over."

"My name's Joe Friday.
Did you see what happened here?
Please, ma'am, just the facts."

"Hey, bud, where were you
when this robbery went down?"
"I was in Van Nuys."

"Hey, look at this, Joe."
"What's that, Frank? Some fingerprints?
Now we know who lied."

"I did nothing, cop!"
"Your fingerprints don't say so.
Come on, you. Let's go."

On July fifteeth
Trial held in LA court.
The sentence? Ten years.


I wrote a Charlton Heston haiku

Earth conquered by apes
the maniacs blew it up
damn them all to hell


Pop culture triumphs
And the face of its avatar?
A chimp's silly grin

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