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September 20, 2008



Yeah Irwin, President Anne Coulter would be nucular awesome!


Maybe that way of spelling the word is appropriate to her culture.


I hate this woman, but this is the kind of thing that will just gain her sympathy, I fear. I mean, just try correcting someone's spelling or grammar on most forums, and you get called a "spelling nazi"! Our world has become one of LOL, OMG, pwnd, and noob...'joyus' indeed.

Irwin Chusid

Motor: How come so many followers of the "unity" candidate are avowed haters?


I am gobsmacked by Andrew Sullivan's dementia!

the road

Yeah, Ok rebpublitard blogger, we'll just stick to the lies which she keeps repeating over and over and over again about the bridge, which she was initially for before congress killed it, but she kept the money anyway. Or, I dunno the fact that she went to 5 shitty colleges in 4 years. The fact that she didn't even have a passport until last year, The fact that she billed her taxpayers to stay in her own house, the fact that she tried to ban books from the library, the fact that she's under investigation for firing someone because he refused to fire her brother in law, that she didn't know what the Bush doctrine was, that she sold the state jet at a loss, that she billed the citizens of Wassilla 50k to renovate her office, that she admitted on television that she didn't even know what the VP does every day, that she thinks the Iraq war is gods will, that she keeps fucking saying that she has foreign affairs experience because she can see Russia from her desk, the fact that she took an 8 hour flight, then a 45 minute car ride after her water broke when she was "pregnant" with a baby who had down's syndrome, yeah, that's great. An evangelical hockey mom. that's exactly who we need when we are facing two wars and the worst economic disaster since the great depression.

All this on a ticket with a guy who was so stupid he finished 5th from the bottom of his class at the fucking NAVAL ACADEMY.
A guy who crashed 5 planes in the Vietnam war. 5. He's only a war hero because the 5th time he crashed he managed to get his dumb ass captured by the VC.

Look, lets give the smart people a chance to rule for awhile. The last dumb guy didn't work out so well.


Irwin: Do it for the lulz.


Re: that post behind the "previously" link:

Man, I'm glad someone finally had the guts to stick it to those bastards who've been questioning Alaska's existence. Those Alaska-denying "journalists" are an affront to the fourth estate. All, um, let me count. Zero of them.


(Also -- gosh, the road, you're not really helping your case here.)


I don't know, I think the road summed it up pretty well.


If she was unattractive, I doubt she'd have been chosen.


She obviously meant "JOY US!"

Spaceman One

Once Obama is President of these 57 states, hope and change will happen because the good looking, smart people with high GPAs from highly ranked colleges, who didn't enter the military and crash planes or go to state schools and punish the world with the genetic defective, will be running things. Get ready for "community service" in Pakistan.

joyus jim

who seriously cares about this crap?

no pal

Who gave Irwin the keys to the blog? He's trying to trick you, folks. He thinks he's smarter than you.


Ummm...Irwin, you can't be serious. is a satirical blog and things found there are mostly made up, just like on or the Keith Olberman TV show.

That said, please continue piling the vitriol on Governor Palin. It builds such resentment from most Americans that a McCain Palin victory is a certainty.


Simply fascinating how the "smart people" try to demean Sarah Palin with every sexist, regional, cultural and relgious stereotype they can think of. Shouldn't they be smarter than that? They seem to hate her, her family, her lifestyle, her home, her values....hate, hate, hate. A perfect example of the Elitist Bigotry of the left. Yes, bigotry. Blind, foolish bigotry. A sure sign that they are scared.

no pal

> "smart people" try to demean Sarah Palin

No, X-Ray, not smart people, that would be Irwin - being deceitful, pretending to take a position just to start some trouble here. Take the B.S. somewhere else please.


Looks like "the road" is a dead end.


Exactly who is pretending to take what position? Objecting to the prevailing consensus that Sarah Palin is a douchebag is now "starting trouble"?

no pal

Irwin's blog post is an attempt to trick people into thinking that he hates Sarah Palin. It's a deceitfully sexist post, designed to bring out the worst in people. Typical Republican lies.


No Pal......please tell me that you don't believe that 9-11 was an inside job?

Irwin Chusid

No Pal has a severe irony deficiency.

no pal

X-ray: And you think Irwin really thinks Palin should be called "'tarded bitch"? Seriously? Have you looked at the Treacher blog?? Take a few minutes and look at the Treacher blog.

Hitting the road

the road commented:
"Look, lets give the smart people a chance to rule for awhile. The last dumb guy didn't work out so well."

the road, may I suggest that you read The Best and the Brightest by David Halberstam about how in the 1960's the Dems put together a team of the smartest people from Ivy League universities and they led us right into the Vietnam War?

Lest my comment be dismissed as "rebpublitard" [sic], whatever that is, here is a quote from the liberal NYTimes praising the book:

"[Robert McNamara] contends the story of how 'the best and brightest' got it wrong in Vietnam has not been told. But David Halberstam, who applied that ironic phrase to his rendering of the tale twenty-three years ago, told it better."--Max Frankel, New York Times Book Review

Also, the road, in America we don't elect people to rule. My dictionary gives the definition of ruler as : "one that rules ; specifically : sovereign". The definition of a sovereign is : One that exercises supreme, permanent authority, especially in a nation or other governmental unit, as:
a. A king, queen, or other noble person who serves as chief of state; a ruler or monarch.
b. A national governing council or committee.

the road, I hope you are smart enough to understand that we do not elect people to "supreme, permanent authority" in America. Of course, I realize that you weren't smart enough to arm yourself with any actual facts before making your comment, so maybe you do plan on pulling the lever for a "ruler" on Nov 4th.

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