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September 23, 2008



I think the Poppees were a great band..... But then again I was in the band....
thanks for everything!!!! Bobby Dee.

Bob Zyeruncle

I remember these guys from my NYC days. I was more of a Sorrows fan than a Poppees fan, but it was cool seeing them get some traction in the biz nonetheless.

Marcy Henriquez

I hung out at CB's Max's and everywhere the power pop underground sound was happening.
I loved the Poppees and the later Boyfriends, great vocals and hooks, Paddy Lorenzo so cute!!!!!!

T.Gordon Burke

In the biz for many years - some bands come & go - The Poppees were the real deal...
I for one would like to see them perform again.

Bobby Dee

I love to read all the nice things.... this is what makes life great..... Hope we can do a live show again soon!

Hiata Takumo

Any chance that the Poppees will go to Japan? - love to see you here in Tokyo. I
enjoy your Lost Treasures CD. Can you arrange tour? Very popular here! xxoo

Rob Smythe

Hey, checked you out at myspace page - If the band members are still playing - why no gigs?
I'd be there - you guys kick ass .....

Kris Moore

I heard there will be a new solo CD release by Paddy of the Poppees.... Is this a fact,I wanna know.....

cray  basmann

Bobby Dee, some of my fondest memories.

sharon gladstone

time to bring back the Poppees Jealousy - any power pop festivals planned...............

Bobby Dee

All I can say is WOW!!

Angela Devine

Yes, wow! Paddy is gigin' & rockin'. He is playing around town and looks as hot as ever! mmmm

Joe Rotogauve

Where are the boyfriends playing? Someone told me at a gig in April????? All together again?

Jesse  Cromley

I heard the Poppees/Boyfriends do Living Room Tours. True? I'd have one this summer, if its so!

tessie brondell

Poppees/Boyfriends call me for a gig - Big Tessie at Ottos

Bobby Dee

Living Room or Ottos emial us....

Lisa Burns

Thanks Paddy!! for your e-mail, I would love for you to do
a Living room tour at my house, please let me know.

Gary Tunes Turner

Come on Poppees BoyFriends! Love to see the original band blaze the stage. GTT

Dave The BoogieMan

The Poppees
Pop Goes The Anthology
Available On BOMP Records
and on
April 2010

"If you are a fan a power pop..This was a great lost band that is finally on CD and getting its due. Arthur Alexander re mastered the tunes. They were one of the first bands record on the legendry BOMP record label with Greg Shaw. You'll love it!"

Dave The BoogieMan
11L Radio New York International

Green Apple

Wow this was great. For now I consider "If she cries" to be one of the best songs ever written. Too fucking bad they didn't continue. Found this band while surfing around among my favourites from 70's Blondie, Ramones and Flamin' Groovies.

Gary Dutch

Did you hear that the original Poppees/Boyfriends band, Bobby Dee & Paddy, the songwriters,are still performing!! Got their chops, man. Check out Ringo Starr's new tour. Awesome. The 70's era rocks!!!

Bobby Dee Waxman

I want to thank DAVE the BOOGIEMAN for a great night of live music on 11L Radio New York International, July 4 2010, Joey Kelly and I (Bobby Dee) Played live on air for an hour.... and loved it...

Thanks again Dave. and all that were there!!!!!

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