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September 10, 2008



This might sound si-Okay, this is a fabulous post. Many thanks.


What? No "Lonesome, Lonesome George Jones" (by Queenie Montgomery)?

Hell's Donut House

In the mid-90s, NPR's "Morning Edition" did a piece on Jones recording his then-latest LP, focusing on how much recording technology had watered down country music by sanding off all those rough edges. Would anyone, by some miracle, have a tape of this?

Dave the Spazz

Great post, Greg! Looking forward to you dropping by the show with country 45s next month.

Listener Greg G.

Motordog - thanks for the tip on another GJ tribute 45 to look for!

Henry - glad you liked the post, but what the heck does "si-Okay" mean????

subservient experiment

I guess I never really thought about it before how many songs there are about George Jones, although what a worthy person.

That's got to be the pinacle of success when so many people write homages and make pop culture references to you.


Debbie D



You're missing one-
Daniel Johnston, from Continued Story,
"Ain't No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me"

Listener John

Thanks for the news!

Isn't there a Willie Nelson song that contains the line "Everyone who wants to sing wishes they could sing just like George Jones" -- or something like that?

Sorry, I can't remember the title.

Happy Birthday, Mr Jones!


Motordog- Never... mention... that... recording. Also, stay sick my friend. Stay sick.

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