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September 17, 2008



Wow, thanks for that inspired eulogy and Happy Birthday!

listener mark

I propose a national holiday, a prayer, and a drink. (righteous post Dave.)

Listener Greg G.

Great post, Dave. I echo Mark's sentiments: let's have a holiday. Shit, make it a whole week.

Adam Bruneau

It's true, Hank Williams was a genius. Every song he wrote is brilliant on some level and the way those recordings sound shake my very soul.


Yeah, but he was no Charlie Poole ...


Great blog Dave. Spot on.


Yeah, and Charlie Poole was no Hank Williams either (thankfully). Obviously they were both brilliant, but as 'FMU has been proving for the last 50 years, there's more than enough room in this world for only two brilliant musicians. Last but by no means least, thank you Dave! And happy 50th to FMU!

Dan Electricbanjoman

Great site, Yeah I remember every Saturday morning my Dad would play his Hank Williams albums,Every Saturday evening it was the Porter wagoner TV show, Hank & Porter Wagoner Now that`s Country music Hoss!!

rick rozon

wow...this is the shit!.....most excellant bio-blurb description that you wrote too!thanks for posting shakes ya to the very core of whatever i have let in there

jim minner

i cried after each song, listened to every song he recorded since i was 14 yrs old, i was born in 35 and glad i was , so to appreciate his music.

Beth Petty

Please add the Museum website...

Thank you,
Beth Petty
Hank Williams Museum
118 Commerce Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Krys O.

I think that's Anita Carter on the left in the praying picture. Hank had it bad for Anita but Grady Martin a-scared him off o' her.

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