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September 03, 2008


Spaceman One

Pretty classy tune. Let's kill people we disagree with.


do not mess with papa bear!


c'mon spaceman, it's music. shutting down because of one word? gotta fight the urge, or just let go... kill one person in song, kill thousands in reality....HELLO SEMANTICS, i would like my underlying sentiment dressed up in a historically less immediate and identifiable string of letters so my panties aren't theoretically chafing me for a few seconds. model citizen!


Goodness, that's some community media-participation right there.


They could have left his family out of it.
You know Nas would have left his family out of it.

jerod freitag

We should nothing him... everybody should... that would take care of it right there.


"The second I saw the cover art and title of this record I immedialty thought it had a very punk edge to it."

Wow, really? What was it, the 'anarchy' symbol used to spell "Avengers" maybe?


Actually it wasn't the anarchy symbol at all, it was the idea and layout behind the ass!, It's not your run of the mill rap album cover art.....


Yes, Spaceman One, LET'S DO kill people we disagree with! Like people who don't bow down before Christ, doctors, gays, minorities, etc.


Actually I don't think the main point of the songs meaning was mentioned once in lue of the debates of controversial opinions such as the word "kill".
Fact is, Bill O'Reilly is neocon media hound icon designed to keep the US people dumb, by concentrating on matter less topics, and pulling you into a fight with his propaganda.
He is trying to present the idea of fascism to the US people, with his subliminal messages of how one man can be always right, with an idea, belief, what have ya...
He is good at putting people into a trance of believing his bull shit, much like Obama has demonstrated.
If you know anything about the NAU "North American Union" act Bush placed into action 2 years ago, illegally without the consent of congress or the people.
This is directly tied in to Obama's SPP act that will implement the final blue print for the NAU to go through by 2010.


I love the Mike Malloy sample!!!

game avatar

I love it, thanks

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