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September 13, 2008



yeah irwin down with the hippies and up with palin



Hey m, scoop the sand out of your vagina you knee jerk dolt.

You don't have to be a member of the DRILL HERE DRILL NOW crowd to find a bunch of soggy hippies crying over dead trees a) hilarious and b) pointless, and therefore risible.

Spaceman One

Quick, someone call Clinton and Stacy, there's half a season's worth of potential "What Not to Wear" participants in that crying circle.


No, no Irwin's right, don't you see? Any environmentalist who reads a newspaper is a hypocrite. People who would prefer both are able to give others a choice of either ignorance or clearcutting.


C'mon. . .this is one of them viral video pranks, like the cellphone with popcorn thing. Or Ashton Koocher is doing that "punking" thing again.

Listener Jesus

Judge not, that ye not be judged.


So that's what you do with an environmental ethics degree.


This strikes me as the equivalent of speaking in tongues, which relates closely to building a deity as a psychological prop, to cope with the unknown, death, loss. If that's what they need to do to get through the day, that's fine with me, as long as I am not required to be within earshot. However, someone's probably working on a remix right now, aren't they? I guess I'd like to hear that...
I gotta say though, we've lost enough old growth forests. I'm tempted to weep like a sad hippie when I dwell on the arguably unchecked development that has destroyed major portions of this community in which I live in Florida. But I won't cry; I'm a "Weapons Hippie"...'course, I might cry if you played "Nowhere Man" and "Going Nowhere" back to back.


Actually the last person I saw cry like that was quite recently last week in fact. She'd been laid off after 29 years, 2 years short of retirement.


In all that time it took to cry over a tree, they could have been planting other trees to take it's place.


That's a good idea; but it's also a bit like telling people at a funeral to stop crying over the dead person and start fucking to produce more. It's good advice, but misses the point.

I'm not sure I _can_ explain the point. Having lived in a city for 15 years, and now a rural area renowned for it's natural beauty, I can tell you that there is a _big_ chunk of your being missing if you can't spend time in and with the natural world. The effect it has on people is astonishing. So laugh at the hippies for being a bit childish and overdramatic, but make the effort to experience what they're weeping over. Perhaps then you'll understand too.


They weep for dead trees but not for the thousands of aborted babies

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