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September 30, 2008



The Wikipedia page for the Diomede Islands, from where you can see Russia, has a link to a nice Quicktime VR, from the U.S.-owned island. Take a look! Now *you* can run for VP too!


You can thank "John Dewey", the father of progressive education in our public schools and colleges for our "stupid Americans" today. He did not believe in absolutes! What he taught was " situation ethics". No right or wrong answers, whatever fits your fancy would do for a passing grade. As a result, generations of students and teachers are now the merchants of misinformation. it's no wonder why our country is like a ship without a rudder. The storm is coming and we are drifting into dangerous waters!
Do you have your "government supplied" life preserver on?

Listener Vladimir Putin

Why do you put words in Comrade Sarah's mouth? She did not say that my head is ugly.

Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей!

Rufus J Squirrel

The idiots have had at least 8, if not 16, years of representation. And their representation will carry on in the Congress. For the White House, perhaps the time has come for something a little different (though voting for the FISA bill and a demanding a $700 billion dollar bailout do not exactly qualify as "different").


idiots? make it 40 years.
Count the Clinton years too.
Deregulation of the financial industry, under Bill CLinton and Rick Rubin? nice move!
Militarizing the Mexican border?
Welfare 'reform' ??


Now. Please. Just HOPE, that they will get this solved.

And, if you can hope and think at the same time, I admire you greatly and PLEASE tell the world how to do that.


act like a dumbshit, and they'll treat you as an equal.


Thank you thank you thank you for this post!

Dave M.

The classic book on the subject:

One must also remember the very popular phrase, "Don't get smart with me!" And employing the rules of etiquette is mainly to put others at ease. Miss Manners usually advises that if one is faced with unutterable stupidity that one should still be polite and not make the other person feel inferior. Bah! The egregious idiot needs to be made aware of their folly.

Dale Hazelton

Judging by the number of McCain/Palin yard signs and bumper stickers I'm seeing, yes: Americans are very stupid.


I just read George Saunder's Palin piece in the New Yorker. I am sure you were lovin' it, too, Bronwyn.

Mr Mannn

Careful with the anti-GOP stuff, you'll offend Irwin!


"There are man's activities that can be contributed to the issues that we're dealing with now with these impacts. I'm not going to blame all of man's activities on changes of climate."
-- Sarah Palin, on global warming


michael C

A quote like: "... as Putin rears his ugly head and comes into the air space of the United States of America" just strengthens Palin's Reputation as an outsider politician. Not a maverick that is from "outside the Beltway" but more of a Shagg. She probably could get her own chapter in "Politics in the Key of Z."
Great post, Bronwyn!


HEY WHAT'S THE GRIPE? Sarah Palin may not be smart, but our country NEEDS a VP who's as cute as a doomsday button!


HEY WHAT'S THE GRIPE? Sarah Palin may not be smart, but our country NEEDS a VP who's as cute as a doomsday button!

A Patriot

Just the kind of posting that I expect to see from an eastern media elite type like this Bronwyn C character.

Sean Daily

WOO HOO! Now this blog is on the map, Bronwyn! YOU'VE BEEN TROLLED!


Folks who work in academia could tell you story after story about students who don't want to read a single word unless it's "on the test." To too many people college is like some big DMV; it's boring and you write down a bunch of stuff you take a test and they give a document that allows you some privilege. It's sad, there are so many great books out there so much more rewarding than television and more rewarding and in fact cheaper than going to the movies. If I were given a choice between an entire day or even a week to discuss the preface to Hegel's Phenomenology of Mind or a day or week of TV, even good TV (Get Smart, Odd Couple, Barney Miller) I'd choose the former. Mind you, I never got a diploma. I had to drop out and get a job with medical coverage.

Listner Jim

I'll take the TV. No offense.


Would you believe Cliff Notes on Fichte followed by dissection of an owl pellet?


Would you believe a cross-eyed parakeet reciting fragments from Heraclitus?


How about a chicken McNugget, a packet of duck sauce and a fortune cookie?

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