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September 14, 2008


Call Screener Jeff

Poor Jack- he should have died sooner.

Call Screener Jeff Mocker Eugene

What? Jack Benny did a great job in that clip. Even if you disagree, it's profoundly stupid to say he should've died earlier.


Hello, I've just heard on an old Tony Coulter's playlist a track recorded by the Third Ear Band in 1968, with the name of National-Balkan Ensemble for a Standard Music Library LP. Is it possible to have all the songs they recorded for that record available as mp3s to download? It is very rare, precious, beautiful music...

Thanks, bye from Italy.


Right on, Eugene.
What a knucklehead.


I went backwards in time while watching that. Not nostalgically, but chronologically from Jack talking so slow.


Jack Benny is as funny as always and there's a little foreshadowing here of Chef in Hayes' performance. Both of them do a great job. How old were the writers who came up with those lines? Probably much older than Benny.


This clip is very special because Hayes actually sang the grammatically correct version:

"He's a complicated man, and no-one understands him but his woman"

Is most recordings, he sings "He's a complicated man, BUT no-one understands him but his woman" which doesn't really make sense when you think about it :/


..and yet, how complicated could a man be whose sartorial taste includes smoked aviator sunglasses in the evening and a Cadillac grill for a necklace?

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