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September 27, 2008



One of the reasons I don't look at AMG these days...
That and the unbelievable slowness.
Isn't that Anita Lane, frequent Cave collaborator?


LOL! And I thought Pete Burns (Dead Or Alive vocalist) and Michael Jackson's transformations were EXTREME!


Yep, that's Ms. Lane alright - though she does look uncannily like Shelly Duvall in "The Shining" (which, for a Cave cohort, kinda makes a lot of sense).

Pseu Braun

Love me some Anita Lane! But they could have easily put Kylie Minogue's mug up there.

ken in denver

I saw Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds last Friday night here in Denver and he gave the best performance I've seen from him since the Birthday Party show 25 years ago. I can't think of another rock artist who's improved with age like that.


really? I though he was getting suckier a few years ago.

maybe it's time to check him again.

Dale Hazelton

The Anita Lane alum "Dirty Pearl" is actually pretty good (except for the lame cover of "sexual Healing"). Henry's Dream is probably Cave's best for me. But he remains relevant no matter what he does.

Ed Fate

Check out Richard Thompson's VERY hard-rockin' Live "(More or Less)"!

Ed Fate

Check out Richard Thompson's VERY hard-rockin' "Live (More or Less)"!

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