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September 22, 2008



great stuff as always! some are a little screamy sometimes...but billie jean mashed with teen spirit is inspired.

Gwilly Edmondez

Wow. Fantastically bonkers and unhinged: your brain is miraculous. Thanks for making me a part of this announcement of human potential: livin' the dream, y'all!

My new ambition: collaborate with Patsy Gallant.


I love it! Great work as always.

Colin The Culture Hunter

This is the reason I love WFMU-wonderful wonderful!


Thanks! More next Monday...


I love you Vicki ! You are the Kurt Scwitters in a beautiful female form ( I hope you don't find this sexist ) I just love your collages and so do my kids ( joris heavymetalplayer but quite eclectic and
chloe , 17 , in her last year artacademy , loves dada ) You were the first " neo dadaist collage maker"
and it cheers my depressed head up !!!

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