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September 28, 2008


king horror

wow what in the bejesus is Red up to, this is perhaps the most scarey thing i've heard

(is it maybe at the wrong speed?)


Ditto. I don't know how this got released, even in 1974. But I know today you simply could not hear three little girls singing about a old uncle like this without calling Child Protective Services....

uncle jesse

red sovine is the coolest! i only wish i could have seen him perform these songs live. i can only imagine what a red sovine concert must've been like. did he go on tour with "the girls"?

Wow. This was released by a subsidiary of a company better known back in the day for...filmstrip projectors? (If you were an A-V geek back in the 1960s and 70s, the name Viewlex may ring a bell.)

king horror

My mistake I was listening to this via the 'hype machine' website and it's at the wrong speed.

I love red really especially the christmas song “Is There Really A Santa Claus” whereby a couple of kids who's mum is dead, dad then dies on the way to buy them their presents....

where's the equal

if you play the 45's backwards, everyone can walk, truckers
stay sober and don't crash and die, christmas presents get delivered,
and all your mothers give red the blow of his lifetime.
his seeing eye dog gets driving lessons and red never dies.

red is alive,,,,,john is is alive...john is dead.........

The littlest sister

Greg G,

Oh, we are not imposters. Very real. Well,almost. A few of the parts may have enhanced cosmetically with some over the years.

Your assumption is incorrect. The D. L Worden is not our father. It was our mother, Donna Lee Worden. She was "our" star and meant everything to us. The most creative, talented, quick-witted person I've ever known.

I wish more songs today were as sweet as the songs she wrote and the songs we sang. Then maybe some of these bloggers would display a small bit of decency and morality to help them find their soul. Do some of you people even have one????


the enhanced sister, yeah baby!!

my littlest sister rocks!!!
you tell 'em, kinda natural blonde sister.

anyway, i got my family's back...even the ones that are "special.

so it and weep.

i do get ANGRY and you would too, when you get verbally attacked by a-holes who don't even know ya or your mom. (who isn't around to defend this garbage that "klifford" writing.
She would beat you all down.... believe it!!

The girls want to confront the "farquad" in charge..

we are waiting....

The 'ME

oh yeah greg g.....
another tiny tid bit your drunk ass overlooked...

our family owned the label"chart "records.... crap about artist like:
charlie rich, roy clark, charlie pride, red sovine, ronnie stoneman..
just to name a few..

budda records was parents bought it, then it became chart records.

then, dolly parton thought we were so cute she asked us to sing on a colaboration album
call "first harvest gathering" . we only sang one song..."there" but she she liked big your trash about Dolly Parton... go ahead....

that's what i thought, chicken shit!!

how ya like me now......

Hell yeah!

You tell them, sister!

Where is that chili eating, lily-livered, chicken shit, worm pecker, communist DJ right now? Calling you out!

- The one what liked the bowl haircuts

you go girl...

"we go spirit yes we do, we got spirit
how 'bout you..." DJ...,
that is your cue to say something.
girls...20 DJ....0 "loser"

DJ sucks DJ sucks DJ sucks

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