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September 28, 2008


Rob Lett

Red Sovine is a hoot, melodrama for days. Those girls need to lighten up a little and get a sense of humor holy cow....

Wally Brown

Salutations to my fans,

This is the photographer who took the original LP cover for "IT'LL COME BACK". It seems like it was only yesterday I was commanding three talented little girls to attack Red (Dead, as I liked to call him) Sovine and rip him to shreds with their bear claws. Unfortunately, they lacked the razor-sharp talons for the job and failed miserably. No matter how I encouraged the children to tear his flesh apart with their bare hands (even promising them each one lollipop for their efforts, respectively), they could not even leave a mark on his leather-tough hide.

In the moment after this photo was taken, I realized I would have to finish the job myself. I lept forth from behind my camera and proceeded to slap Red with my flat-foot-relieving shoe inserts. He would have been utterly destroyed had I not underestimated the stinging force of the aforementioned rubber inserts. Following the attack, I was arrested and subsequently sentenced to ten years of mopping a prison Tee Ball court. The prison time was hard, but the day of the photo shoot was the worst day of my entire life.

Since then, I have quit photography and gone back into the hosiery manufacturing industry. I find it to be a much more rewarding field... I revel in knowing that several pairs of stockings each day that I inspect could possibly wind up being worn by a prominent vice presidential nominee or wine vinyard manager (just look for number 34, that's me!). Photography had its upside too. It did get me close enough to almost slap Red Sovine to death with my medical shoe inserts. Look, I did my time and I have no regrets.

Thank you, "blog", for exposing this creep for who he really is! This makes all those years spent mopping a narrow strip of dust almost worthwhile. I would like to clarify one mistake that the girls made: I said to squeeze the life out of him in a bear-like death grip, not "bear hug"! What's wrong with you kids, are you deaf? That would explain the way that record sounds. I only hope that future generations can look back upon this record cover and remember the true struggle that occurred that fateful day behind a highway truckstop. We will never forget!


Wally S. Brown
Junior Inspector of Hosiery, National Hosiery And Feminine Legwear Inc.


Interesting thread. I guess I missed it first time tho -

Truthfully Kliph, I am a little taken aback at the tone of your description. I thought only Nash Rose wrote in that voice.

grandma mahorney you scratch and sniff the panty hose???
you are a wack job.


None of this matters or changes the original point, Red was hung like ox.


Although I have enjoyed your post, your purple prose regarding these little girls was creepy, reflecting on you much more than how "plain" or "ugly" you might have found the girls.

All in all, uncalled for. So what if they are a bit over the top in their anger. In the end it's you who looks bad. Save your satire for people in power big mister sarcasm man.

renaldo for president.. thanks friend

those little girls are smokin' hot now......
some kids grow into their looks....
some just remain obese, with stinky arm pit oder and chronic halitosis.
braces and wear a pocket protector.

klifford...or whatever you weird name is......these girls want a full on "discussion" of this matter.
you name the place...we will all be there.

let's do this, chicken shit.......

sting like a bee

klifford, whatever

you brought this all on your self...

now what ya gonna do shot???????

accept this challange...or forever run... you no good
low life girly man!!!!!!!


I am the guy behind the photographer that took the picture of the album cover that you people are slandering.
I was charging the battery for the camera and carrying the extra flash bulb (remember those?).
Those were really boys, dressed up.

PS< fmu favorite actor is jack nicklaus.

mean girl

no wonder you are anonymous..........
you will always be an official "bulb" holder.

how did you charge the battery??? did you shove it up you ass???

maybe you secretly wished we were boys, faggot.

Mares Eat Oats

I worked at the ice cream creamery that supplied the ice cream truck that drove down the girls street, and I recall many a time hearing about how they would wave that Sovine ("So Fine") money around, act all hooty, and then do it again, especially after the Dolly Parton record. But they are all woman now, the hormones we fed the milk cows made sure of that.

miss wiggins

whoopie.......the little rockers that they are.....i saw them on the CMA...
yep, they did a chinese acrobat act. "those little limber she cats" wow..took my breathe away.
Not only did they rock Red's world...they made my heart go "p,p,p pitter pat"....

hunching terrior

still ready to fight........
wfmu...well..why are you hiding behing your keyboards, and microphones..
we are still here and want to defend your outrageous comments.
mareen mcCormick got to have her say later in her career....
Let the girl's voices be heard once more.

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