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September 27, 2008



A total re-imagining of the best work of Henny Youngman, sublime and brilliant.


Holy moly! What a charmer....


Proof once again, God is a shitty gift-giver.


Well, if he says his wife is a slut simply because she's married to another man, and if he repeats it 800 times, who am I to disagree with him?

(Why doesn't God give me a slut? I must be praying wrong.)


Holy Toledo! i've got it! the hottest new comedy on T.V., the NEW odd couple. Doyle Davidson rents a flat with none other than Fred Phelps. One has a slutty wife, the other is constantly berating his gay friends. can't think of a name for this show just yet but it's gonna be HUGE!

OK, i know we're not suppose to make fun of people who are not mentally fit, but someone please tell me how somebody gets his own church like this with cameras and stuff!? and his congregation (if you want to call it that), deserve every bit of that...what the hell are they doing there in the first place?

People like this need to be closely supervised so they don't hurt themselves or anyone else.

God Bless

PS - i'm emailing this comment to Davidson personally! when and if i get a response, i'll add it here!

Atemi Cast

My wife is a slut. that is why I love her.

slutty wife

It's a lot of fun to watch these simutaneously

slutty wife

ahem, that's simultaneously, praise jesus


is there a problem with the vids? can't view them (but can view all in other posts' vids)...

Ben Steinke

I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but this man almost makes Fred Phelps look sane.

Jimmy Jones

Coolade anyone?

Escaped from Doyle

I used to belong to the CULT of Doyle Drooling Davidson.
You need to "catch up" on his doings....
Since his "slut wife" Lisa wouldn't come back to
him, he seduced YET ANOTHER married woman, Kathie Small- late
last year. She left her husband to move in and "shack up" with
Doyle is basically blind, and just needs a woman to cook and do
his laundry. He b&tched on his internet show the other night how
he had to cook his own meals and wash his own clothes. He PAYS
his NEW WIFE #3 Kathie Small 1000 a week, gave a new Cadillac,
etc. He BUYS women. I know Lisa S, and I'm not saying what she
did was "right" but she is NOT a "slut" by any means. He's just
po-ed that Lisa wouldn't leave her LEGALLY MARRIED HUSBAND (J.R.) for

Things are even LOONIER than this, at Water of Life. Doyle even had
to have a show "edited" for using the F word in a "sermon"! LOL


Things are even LOONIER than this, at Water of Life. Doyle even had
to have a show "edited" for using the F word in a "sermon"! LOL


Every person is going to be judged for their own words.
Do those words edify?
We will be responsible for every single idle word.And judged for them.
That is quite remarkable.
We must correct ourselves and then we gain power to help others.
Cleaned out of idle words spoken in place of the true work we are called to do... spoken through the old nature & not the new.
So let us get on with it.
Preaching the good news of Jesus Christ & leaving behind all else.
And being healed of ALL afflictions we have suffered.
Not dwelling on that which takes the place of the One we should be dwelling on instead.
Looking to Jesus. And being purged out by His blood and regenerated by the washing of the water of His word.Then you will be free to serve God and not the afflictions in His forgiveness being raised from the dead w/Him.


Thanks WMFU:
Thanks for KEEPING THESE UP!!!! This is the only PUBLIC record of Doyle on his drunken rants. Many "escapees" of WOL have saved these to a file, but we're thankful there is a place to point people that simply don't believe the FILTH that pours out of this man's mouth.

I know there are many people that are grateful for keeping these videos up.
Thanks WMFU :-)


lord god help that man befor he hear the wrong words and hurt someone.

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