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September 11, 2008


Listener Katya Oddio

Niiiiiiicey Nice! Thanks, Listener Fodder!


This is fantastic stuff.


Two things;

1) The sides should be reversed. All the electro/funk stuff is side B, while the mega hip hop mix should be side A.

2) That's not the original Rodium art, probably the knock-off San Diego swap meet art, right?

Which is why in the middle of the mix Dre talks about 'suckers claiming his tape and shit'. Basically people were dubbing the original Rodium tapes(that were ONLY sold at the Rodium) and passing them off at other swap meets but with different(and lame) artwork. The original artwork for 86 in the mix was more stylized New York graffiti-like.

Listener Fodder

Yep, it's the tape picked up in San Diego. The sides were that way on the tape so that means whoever was selling it reversed the sides. Do you have original artwork for 86 Benovite?

Thanks for the heads up!


Yep, but unfortunately I don't have it scanned. I posted this pic of my Rodium collection in your latest Battery Brain post:

(I lost the insert for Battery Brain's tape though and I just used a blank TDK insert or something)

About the proper sides for the music, on all? these Rodium tapes hip hop was side 1 while electro/dance was side 2.

I remember going to that San Diego swap meet at the Kobey(?)/sports arena in the 80's, but not finding any tapes. I did however go to the Spring Valley? swap meet around that time too and finding a tape or two, but it was all about the Rodium back in those days.

Also, I posted a blog on myspace about this stuff and how I was in a Hi-C video filmed at the Rodium:

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