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September 18, 2008


DJ SLIK 4.98

This is far out, I used to hang out at that swap meet (though it was actually held in south La Jolla) and dig through the DEF crates and have a blast. Highlights for me were finding early Digital Underground 12-inches and of course sides by NWA (and Dr Dre solo stuff) as well as some of the earliest Beastie Boy tracks I've yet to encounter (let me hear ya say HEY!)

Kobey's meet really helped me hone my skills as a Dj - skills which I demonstrate to this day and I'm sure appreciative of the weekly dose of jammin' vinyl and tape -this stuff jams to the max- YO!

Mike Giamoni

I want a copy of that D.J. Jam - '87 Master Mix! how do i get one ??
Also the Dr.Dre one
Please let me know

ooh now why you have to go postin all that GOOD SHEee, now i gots ta d/l it all, listen to it over n over n over, dig out ma fownkey sheee from the creates and jus get down wiv my bad self like its 1985.

oh hold up wait a minute ...that's a good 'thang'

cuttin n scratchin wa the aspects of my game on the English side of the pond from bout 1983 to 1990 and this d/l makes me happy THANKs ...peace

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