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October 07, 2008



hey let's give these dirt poor people stuff made in neighboring countries that they'll never live to'll be a striking piece! so ironic!

i don't know what i think about this. but at least maybe they let them keep the stuff.

tim from Radio Clash

Funny thing is I think her bag or dress is much more cooler and interesting than the umbrella.

Dale Hazelton

What, they couldn't get in to Baghdad to shoot some kid with a blown off leg modeling shoes? Or maybe they couldn't find a melty-looking Hiroshima survivor pretending to evade nuke-u-lar rain under that Burberry. Disgusting.


uggghhh... just saw this. i hope they paid the models the same money that gisele, kate, and the other usual wire hangers get.

but i doubt it. this was just probably someone's brilliant idea to cut costs somewhere along the way and frame it as "art".

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