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October 09, 2008



Oh man, I got all excited for a Starz feature and it was only Jellies.



don buddin

No MP3? I'm stunned, STUNNED I say . . .also, bereft.

don buddin

No MP3? I'm stunned, STUNNED I say . . .also, bereft.


Yet another reason why this blog is indispensable.


no jive baby mp3? after all the build-up?


nice bit of writing on the jellies.. cool article..

chris king

In related music news ...
There is an interesting new improv rock band in St Louis that takes its name a notorious jellyfish in the Sea of Japan and structures its improvs around the dynamics of its life cycle:


finally, the mystery revealed! well done!


I'm so glad this is here. We're doing okay, we're doing alright!

Thurston sez (via Mojo Collections): "They're British, from Cambridge, and the perfect example of that whole '80s Rough Trade era of music. I discovered this in 99 Records, a New York store that stocked all the UK indie releases. That's where a lot of my music information came from. This is a remarkable track, it plays around with fractured dance and disco beats, a little like Gang Of Four and A Certain Ratio. A female vocalist repeats the title over and over. Kim and I love this song. We ended up destroying our copy by playing it so much."

Pil and Galia Kollectiv

Your Israeli/UK friends are most impressed with your detective work! We kept thinking the Wobbly Jellies were a different band...


I'm writing after being forewarded this article by my Dad, I'm actually the product of the Wobbly marriage! The Drummer and the Wimpette are still happily married, and my twin brother's a drummer now too with Jack Green and the Band of Thieves! I remember happy childhood moments mocking my parents for their stupid band name!

jasmine darvell

Omg, my mum, lindsay darvell was a backing singer/dancer with the wobbly jellies, is that the same band as the one mentioned here?? They had numerous hits, one being 'jungle jungle' ...

A WOBBLY TRUNK 12”: The Jellies page is coming soon.

Marcus Allen

I remember Lindsay (fantastic dancer) as i used to hang around with Emma Hall who was in the jellies during the same period. My favourite song being the breakfast/anti war song "bake a nation".
I came across and bought the jungle record a few years after parting ways with Emma.
Brilliant, fun band with a massive sound -played May Ball along with Boomtown Rats.
Emma in her own band touring around Norwich.
Fond memories of a talented crazy group of people.


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