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October 01, 2008


Automated Robot

Excellent post as always Mr Chusid.I might be needing another job soon, can you put in a good word for me with Luskin?


Oh, man. Totally nailed it Irwin. Great job.

Listener James from Westwood

You get 57 states if you use the metric system. You with your acres and your DRAMS!


Oh Irwin, you're like our own Sean Hannity. It's adorable.

I admit it's a funny concept for a YouTube video. But you do realize Obama is being heckled or otherwise shouted at by an audiecne member in both of those videos, right? Not actually a teleprompter problem.


Dig the irony of accusing Obama of using the teleprompter as a crutch when Palin can't string a serviceable sentence together without reading it off a screen.

Am I on The Drudge Report? He made one verbal slip up and got heckled which is misleadingly presented as what Obama's like without a teleprompter. Did you see the debate? He didn't need a teleprompter then. And how does this even remotely begin to compare with the Mccain/Palin Gaffe machine? Or are these clips being presented to me as outsider youtube videos? Am I supposed to be mean spiritedly laughing at the expense of the people who edited them together? Because, clearly, they're not as in touch with reality as my cynical hipster self and I think it's hilarious. Was this post intended as a preview for the "In The Key Of Youtube" Dvd? Cant wait for that.

Irwin Chusid

Ironic, ain't it, Mike?


Yeah, uh, Jesus Christ Irwin, have you SEEN the interviews this woman gives?

But, just for fun let's just parse this little clip of Caribou Barbie "debating" in Alaska. First of all, you do realize that Alaska has the population of Brooklyn right? How many people do you think were watching this? 10,000? Do ya maybe think that there will be a wee bit more pressure at the VP debates? Any rational human being who is not a christian maniac can see that the woman is TERRIFIED of KATIE COURIC. Also, what the fuck was she talking about? Do you think that Biden, a 28 year veteran of the senate and the Chairman of the senate foreign relations committee might be just a bit more savvy than this guy? Also, you think that the issues in the VP debate are gonna be a bit more complex than in Alaska? I was on the debate team in High School and I did pretty fucking well. Really. You should see the tapes. I spoke in complete sentences and everything. Can I be VP too? What? You think I might crack under pressure when 50 million people are watching? Well Irwin, I'll tell you what...when I get a question I don't know I'll just say: "I'll try and find some and I'll bring em to ya." Cmon, that line is SO professional sounding. Why can't I be VP?

You also of course realize also that Wasilla has 7000 people, and out of those 7000 I would assume that if they are anything like the rest of America that about oh, I dunno, 700 of them actually vote. So this idiotic, lying, RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN FANATIC WHO TRIED TO BAN BOOKS IN THE LIBRARY AND MADE RAPE VICTIMS PAY FOR THEIR HOSPITAL RAPE KITS, could have won the election by as few as 10 or 20 votes.

Also of course, just on pedigree, both the GOP candidates are pathetic. Mccain graduated 5th from the bottom of his class of 299 at THE NAVAL ACADEMY. Do you know how dumb you have to be to do that? He also crashed 5 planes. 5. If he didn;t get captured we wouldn't be having this conversation because the man would be a janitor. Then Caribou Barbie went to 5 different crappy colleges in 4 years and graduated with a degree in journalism. Of course, you've seen the latest Katie Couric train wreck where she couldn't name a single paper or periodical that she reads. Then when asked what Supreme court decsisions she disagreed with besides Roe V Wade she couldn't name one. Not one.

Look. We gave the stupid people a chance to rule this country and look where it got us: 2 never ending wars, AND THE BIGGEST ECONOMIC DISASTER SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION. And if you are stupid enough to believe the Fox news bullshit that the democrats caused the subprime crisis, you might want to google the Commodity Futures Modernization Act which was co sponsored by Phil Gramm and the little bill he slipped in there deregulating Credit Dedfault swaps. Oh you don't remember Phil Gramm? Really? You know, the LOBBYIST who was John Mccain's ex senior economic adviser who had to resign from the campaign in disgrace two months before the election for calling the US a "Nation of Whiners".

Also, why the hell are you posting political bullshit on the WFMU blog? All your going to do is get people like me pissed off and then reply with a pithy little youtube video. Are you willing to actually back up your bullshit? Defend your position?

If not, you should just go back to playing terrible music on your show. If you are then please, by all means, try and tear apart my arguments. Unlike your show, we're all listening to you now.


How did you get a video from the future?


Way to go, emile! Love you post. Irwin, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I have to say I'm really saddened and confused by these posts. I just can't believe someone who seems as intelligent and witty as you would support this Palin person and four more years of McBush. I'm not saying Obama is some kind of saint (he's a politician, after all), nor do I think he's going to wave a magic wand and make everything better...but if the Republicans (ESPECIALLY Palin) get in power again, I fear we're totally screwed. Perhaps you want to live in a religious state...that concept sickens me.

Seriously, while I have no right to feel this way, I'm really disappointed...I've always loved your shows (especially Incorrect Music!) and thought you were better than this. I really respected you, but I guess musical taste doesn't translate into common sense.


Mr Mannn

i wonder if irwin and bill kelly sit around the station constantly muttering to themselves about these damn kids and their lefty politics and why is it so cold in here


Wow, one contrarian viewpoint, 10 vitriolic ad hominem-laced responses.

Oh, for the days when FMU would post fun things. Is it Nov 5 yet???


irwin loves to buck the system to spite the supposed "free thinkers" as he understands it, yet has the understanding-canceling ego to be many "self-proclaimed" things, needs his name attached to everything he ever discovers musically, uses his tin ear to lump outsider musicians like jandek and bj snowden into the same category, to shake up people's perceptions, even though all it shows is that he can't fathom that some people might just enjoy things, don't need to posture and put them into a grand smug historical narrative that oddly enough props yourself up as, yes, the almighty messiah saving those simply FASCINATING weird people.


Thanks, Irwin. You've given me a great excuse to not give WFMU any money next pledge drive.

Gwen Quotafill

"Dig the irony of accusing Obama of using the teleprompter as a crutch when Palin can't string a serviceable sentence together without reading it off a screen."

Yeah, he's at least as qualified as she is to be vice president.


Hi, "Emile." Your eloquence sounds familiar. (I know you're not that guy, you just share an IP.) It's great to have voices of sanity contributing to the discussion. Thanks for your two cents worth of Hope. Keep the Change.


I like the idea of having a president who taught constitutional law. This would seem to possess the
potential of being a step forward. That is, if this whole process is really more than just a sick puppet show.

Mr Mannn

John wrote: "Thanks, Irwin. You've given me a great excuse to not give WFMU any money next pledge drive."

Whoa! hold on there pal --- this is just some blog --- ultimately, who gives a shit about Irwin's politics? His show is great, but maybe you don't like it (i would recommend not listening to it in that case), or maybe you do like it but now feel like you can't listen to it because of his politics(which would be sad/stupid) --- Irwin is one of what, sixty people with shows? are you going to withhold your pledge due to 1/60th of the people on air? for three out of 168 hours in the week? uh, okay.

(my guess? you don't donate anyways....)

Pamela Monroe

I, for one, could never vote for a president who smokes cigarettes. What kind of message does that send to the people of this country? First President Willie gets a slick one under the table, and now my party wants me to vote for a human chimney? Not me, folks. Just give me a good, hard-working man without a self-destructive streak. A woman would be good, too. Is Hillary still a write-in alternative?


Hilarious post, Irwin.

Can't wait to watch tonight's debate between Sarah Barracuda, the outsider, and Joe "been in the senate since 1972" Biden, the insider. As the Barracuda has said, "I think he's been in the Senate since I was, like, 2 years old". Wrong, Barracuda.He must have been there since 1929 when he witnessed FDR give that television address on the Great Depression.You can watch it here during his softball interview with Katie Couric.


I rather like the fact that one of my fave DJs has political views that are different from mine. Kind of freeform. Kind of makes me think.

I don't want to be surrounded with people who agree with me. Where I live it wouldn't be possible anyway.

Don't you think this whole "us and them" mentality is part of the problem in our country?

Listener P T Farnsworth

You can't prove that FDR didn't give a television address on the Great Depression (which, by the way, Biden never mentioned).

Sean Daily

I don't need this sh*t this early in the morning, Irwin... not TWO presidential candidates with messiah complexes and with FOLLOWERS suffering under said messiah complexes...

We are so screwed... screwed blue, flailed, tanned and tattooed...



A fatwa has been issued against Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari for publicly making "indecent gestures" towards Republican vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. I ask the freeform folk at FMU, could this woman take out Ahmadinejad or what?

In the fatwa, "Ghafar added that Zardari’s body language towards Palin and “his deep desire to hug her” was shameful for the entire nation."

"Damning Pakistan’s new president further, according to Ghafar were his words: During his chance encounter with Palin in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Zardari called her “gorgeous” and said “Now I know why the whole of America is crazy about you”."

Cue up Screamin' Jay Hawkins...."I put a spell on you...."

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