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October 26, 2008


jackson Del Rey

Hello WFMU,

Thought you might like to check out 17Pygmies Celestina via EPK:

Or not. Later. Peace.


Kosten Koper

Yeah, you've got a copy of the soundboard mix. Anyway, this is a recording of a live performance by Die Trip Computer Die (in this case Xentos & Ted Barrow) that took place on Saturday September 29th 2007 at Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels. Part of an entire evening organised by Lukas Simonis (Worm, Rotterdam) also featuring Uiuiui Koo, Willem Hietbrink, David Fenech, Didi de Paris, Blatnova, Harry Merry, Coolhaven.

A really funny afternoon... some friends of the band living in Brussels were rounded up to do the voices, including me (James Bond) and my girlfriend who ended up voicing both King Leopold (complete with fake mustache) & the female monk. The script I recall was only partially written and completed one hour before the live performance. So thats why it sounds like a run through, because it is! Die Trip did the sound FX live, other voices, if I can remember, were Xentos (Guy Debord + Country Yokel) Ted Barrow (Bruno Ganz, Country Yokel 2, male monk), Lukas Simonis (Country yokel 3) and some unknown girl dragged from behind the bar who voiced Nico.

So there you have it, straight from the proverbial horses mouth. Oh, on Xentos, another file sharing fiend strikes.

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