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October 22, 2008



Concur-sions from this corner. I *would* have paid for this, but now it's too late...!


Kip W

Man, "Little Boy Blue" is a heartbreaker. I clicked on it to see if it was the poem by Eugene Field, and it sure was. I needed "Laugh It Up" after that. Thanks for the smooth sounds. Great work, as usual.


Thanks very much for posting these wonderful tracks. I really enjoyed the earlier post about the Js with Jaime. Their songs and arrangements are fresh and innovative.


Man, I'd like to hear all these commercials!

Are you able to post The J's with Jamie's Cool Yule too? Thanks.


Thanks to a fellow J's with Jaime fan, I've got "Cool Yule" and the rest of the cuts from their two Christmas EPs. I'll be posting them right after Thanksgiving.

Turkey first, then Christmas. Unless you're doing that lay-a-way shopping now.


Does anyone know the years these records were released other than just "the 60s?"

Hear It Wow


Only Columbia and the group knows for sure, and Columbia wasn't kind enough to include copyright dates on their records in the early 1960s.

The only thing that's known for sure is that their Hey, Look Us Over album was nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy in 1963, so that album came out either in late 1962 or early 1963. If we assume one album a year, that puts "Remarkable" and "Two Sides" in 1964, and the industry-only Christmas EPs around 1961 and 1962.


Thanks for the quick reply. Would you assume the Amana record to be at about 1964 as well? Also, I don't know if anyone has any dates on the non-album singles? For example, I'm assuming that "a theme from 'a summer place'" is from the 1959 movie of the same name, but I haven't seen the film and IMDB doesn't mention them on the soundtrack info...

Thanks again!

Will Cochran

What a treat! I haven't heard anything about this group in almost 50 years but their great blend and musicianship have remained in my head. No that I know the quality of the group - from listening once again and learning that two of the group are former Hi-Lo's it all becomes clear. Jamie has a great voice and just the diction a jingle producer would love.

Keith Bernstein

I was a fan in the late 1960s and haven't heard this great group since. The group was given plenty of airplay on WNEW-AM in New York; I used to hear material from the "Jamie and the J Silvia Singers" album all the time (and I bought it as well) but was unfamiliar with the earlier stuff. Thanks for posting all of this wonderful music.

Has anyone put together a complete discography?

Jamie is my mom. I'm thrilled to see how much her talents are still appreciated.

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