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October 06, 2008



very interesting story!

Dancin' Dave

I'm not sure you have the lyrics right. What I'm hearing is:

Oh, bo, diddley I di, bum dum di-di

PeekaBoo Revue

wow... this is what I have come up with. Not that it is correct but I think I am onto something. maybe.

Holes in the roof and (bowls?) of (butter?)
Can't save enough for ...(looking of youth?)???

Oh, bo, diddle-ee-eye-dye, bum dum dye-dye
Holes in the roof, let the stars shine in
I ain’t got a dime, but I got a sweetheart
We've got a dog, can’t afford a flea
Oh, bo, diddle-ee-eye-dye, bum dum dye-dye

Ain’t got a dime, but there's (all?)...


The tuba/accordion duet sounds like the trio section of an American march. It's not by Sousa, but more like Karl King or F.E. Bigelow. The distinctly "singable" melody and the fact that not too many people can identify it precludes Sousa.

Elinor Rose

I agree with Phil. Sounds like something a marching band would play. Almost has a team fight song quality about it.

Maybe you should run it by some marching band directors. Perhaps there's a site for marching band enthusiaists.

Good luck!

PeekaBoo Revue

Listening again, I think the second line starts with "Up" and not "Can't"

Hippie Zingo

You wrote: "But as you’ll hear, the song starts out with a fairly ugly blast of horns or wind instruments..." Actually, it sounds to me like the song starts out with a old-fashioned steam train whistle, and the lyrics, about "holes in the roof" and "let the stars shine in" and "ain't got a dime," "can't afford a flea," etc., makes it sound like it's probably some kind of old hobo train campfire folk song of some sort or other. FWIW, I've passed your info on to a hobo train song expert I found online, maybe he'll stop in and give a listen. Good luck on your quest, it's a real puzzler!

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