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October 31, 2008



The isolation of a radio station was also used effectively in John Carpenter's -The Fog-.

Night Gallery is a show to check out if you enjoy the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. Two episodes were adapted from Lovecraft stories (and "Mr. Peabody's Last Lecture," though not an adaptation, includes several references to H.P.'s work).


Ah, Night Gallery. Used to love it as a 10 year old. Does any rememeber the one about a painting?

A guy in a junk shop notices some colour under the paint, scratches all the paint and discovers between the frame is a portal into another world. He climbs through the painting (it's a large one) and when he tries to escape from some kind of monster, his friend (!?) paints over the space thus trapping him in the painting. Geddit? I still wonder how he's getting on.

Listner Jim

Six full episodes are at


Fun and interesting, but how can you leave out the earwig?


Yes, the Earwig episode, singlehandedly responsible for Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan.


Lovely to find some chat about this show that isn't just ripping it to bits outright. My goodness but this series provokes hateful remarks! As a kid in the 70's, it hit me just about right, and admittedly, a lot of it is pretty poor, but it had some moments! In the show mentioned above, for instance, 'The Flip Side of Satan', there's some terrific noise music used for the records that Arte Johnson plays, which I haven't heard in years, but I recall being knocked out by it the last time I heard it. Probably worth posting as audio by itself.
Rod was embarrassed by it back in those days, and yet, this article shows how even the weekly script grind can create some nice generic plots still viable today.
I also dug the THEME by Gil Melle' and the opening credits a LOT! I have a Gil Melle jazz lp, which of course isn't as gnarly and scary as his Night Galler Theme piece.

Krys O.

Each Night Gallery show began with a painting. My favorite one was part of the pilot with Roddy McDowell:


I loved the one intitled, The Quality of Fear, or something like that. Leslie Nielsen of all people were in it, as a guy who couldnt be spooked spending the night in a haunted house. Its corny but got a great twist ending. Also the episode, the Doll scared the beejeebers out of me.

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