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October 15, 2008



the spaten-marsch is sung in bavarian dialect, which i don't speak. i'm no professional translator either, so this is all i can offer you as translation:

1. translit:

Der bairische Hirsel, der stärkste Mann im Land
gab vor vielen Jahren sein Hausrezept bekannt
des beste vom besten, Freunde, glabt des mir
des is a frische Maß münchner Spatenbier

Las dir raten, trinke Spaten!
Edler Gerstensaft, bairische Kraft

Die Welt dreht sich weiter, vorbei rinnt die Zeit
doch eins bliabt bestehen, hert's zue liebe Leit
des beste vom besten, Freunde, glabt des mir
des is a frische Maß münchner Spatenbier


Prosit! No' a Maß! [...???]

Prost! Prost! Prost!

2. translat:
The bavarian Hirsel(1), the strongest man in the land
revealed, some years ago, his home medicine
the best of the best, friends, believe me this
that's a fresh Mass(2) of munich's Spaten-beer

Hear my advice, drink Spaten
Noble barley-water, bavarian power

The world keeps turning, time floats away
But one thing remains, listen to me, dear people
the best of the best, friends, believe me this
that's a fresh Mass of munich's Spaten-beer


Cheers! Another Mass! [...](3)

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

3. footnot
(1) i don't know what a „Hirsel“ is. maybe just a name.
(2) german (esp. bavarian) biiiig glass of beer, wordbook says „tankard“.
(3) i have absolutely no idea what the man is shouting at that moment.


beer song from Ukraine: Либен Августин

Kevin Killion

Great hearing these, thanks. It was a kick reading your comment about the Red Lion in LA -- I went there the lst biz trip I had to L.A., and enjoyed the downstairs bar and restaurant very much.

BUT WAS REALLY NEEDS FURTHER EXPLORATION IS THAT COMMENT AND LINK FROM "zhabavdirizhabli" -- now THAT'S an interesting song!!!!! Thanks, Zhaba!!!!

Kevin Killion

More exploration: That link for the Ukrainian beer song leads to a WHOLE PAGE of songs by this "Zhaba w Dyryzhabli" at:

There are a number of downloadable tracks, and it's the most interesting, lively and unique music I've discovered in a while!! Highly recommended!!!!!!!

I also found a website that describes this Ukrainian band like this:
"Supervital rock'n'roll cabaret. The result of mixing-up all kinds of music from folk, through ska and punk rock. Finally a little bit of circus, a bit of happening feeling and great accordion parts. The main idea and message of this band is to 'connect unconnectable' both on music and visual levels. The whole thing is served with humour and intended kitsch.:

Stephan Cibulski


the "Hirsel", or more popular "Hias", is a name. It is the bavarian and austrian short form of "Matthias" - the equivalent in english is Matthew - so you can say Hirsel Damon.



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