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October 16, 2008



the twin towers one was great....lololololollolol

Thanks, guys! That was a real bresh of freth air!


Here's mine:

Mr. Glitters

jejejejejeje now that is a good creative art!


Mr Burns and Abu


It's art, don'tcha know? Anne Geddes' vision if the elections go Republican.


Just Great!!! I love these photos and i'm gonna link them from my blog right now. Fuck McCain!!! Fuck Bush!! and Fuck Fanatics which are smashing the world!!


Here is mine gif os McCain



Great! jajaja. Greetings from Madrid, Spain.

Luis M

hey, check out mine:

Dave Lee

My favourite has to be Zidane. Great work everyone... best laugh I've had in ages!

Thomas Higgins

palindrome pal·in·drome
A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction (the adjustment of punctuation and spaces between words is generally permitted).
Palindrome pa·lin·drome
A Palindrome a word, phrase, passage, or number that doesn’t make any sense forward or backward. It also has a tendency to drone on and on.
Thomas Higgins 10-18-08

Rebecca Johnson commented on my definition:

"Palindrone: (expanded definition)
Appeals to ignorant conservative women who agree that having a son who plays hockey qualifies one for political office. Also appeals to redneck racist hicks who agree killing is the answer."


My own little addition...


These are all awesome!
Here's my entry




Another one

Liz B.

Great job everybody, my inbox is full of tongue-wagging McCain insanity! I'm imposing a deadline of Monday Oct. 20 at 5pm eastern time (U.S.), so get in your entries before then. You can e-mail them to me lizb at wfmu dot org.

Also, Tarty, I couldn't snag your entry from Flickr to post here. Please e-mail it to me, and I'll put it up.

G.D. Rawlinson

I made a pumpkin stencil out of this! Check it out you can download it.

G.D. Rawlinson

Zombie McCain Jack-o-Lantern!
(with pattern)

Matt Machin

LOL, I made this last week as I thought that picture was so funny... evidently I wasn't the only person



Cruel Cruel Deadline! I should have used the weekend to complete the set. Untapped kids' movies of the 80's such as Labyrinth and Princess Bride. Cruel Laziness! At least I got in 2. Hopefully wfmu's audience isn't too young to wonder why the hell I created what I did.


"Koko love Obama. Koko love funny Obama.. Koko sit on white human with tongue. Koko Bite white human. Koko Vote?"


There's a lot of funny ones at too!

barry seotoro

I was born in Kenya, and have been to Pakistan when it was forbidden to travel there in 81 yet I have been nominated to run for President, who am I?

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