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October 05, 2008



Der Plan does a Christmas song? Count me in. Thanks for these tracks, too.


Sounds intriguing--thanks for this!


I believe "Im Himmel" is German for "In Heaven", which is the title of the song The Lady Behind the Radiator sings in "Eraserhead". Thanks for the tracks... I'm quite intrigued.

Richard A Weinstein

weird stuff.
eraserhead is a hard movie to watch.
I keep turning it off in the middle.
truly disturbing.


Sorry, the dörper-tracks assault and erserhead are from a single with 45 rpm !!!!!


I remember buying this when it first came out.


Wish I still had it, but the MP3s will do for now.

Thanks for putting them up.


Thanks for these, but tracks #1 and #2 were ripped at the wrong speed (at 33rpm instead of 45rpm).

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