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October 20, 2008



Dolemite CAN NEVER DIE. Only the actor who played him.


"You Death! I want you to take these cheap mother fuckers and wipe your ass with them!"

RIP Rudy.

Dave the Spazz

The Human Tornado dropped by FMU for 3 hours of non-stop DOLEMITE action!

mike belgrove

My uncle used to watch all those movies. This guy was in some of the most outrageous fight scenes in movie history. He will live on forever in those films and the music he inspired.

Less Lee

Thank you for posting that link to Nardwuar's interview. Good stuff.

Chris Garcia

Part Redd Foxx, part Snoop Dogg, part Caraazy, part Karate, Rudy Ray Moore was one of the rawest comics to ever live. I remember watching Human Tornado my sophomore year of High School and laughing hysterically while popping boners left and right. If you can accomplish those two feelings, the best two feelings in the world, you’re okay in my book. Rest in Pussy, my man. You did good.


Waaay down in the jungle deep, a lion stepped on a signifyin' monkey's feet, monkey said muthafucka can't you see? you're standin' on my gaddamn feet!

- Joyce Kilmer

Oh wait, that was Rudy Ray Moore muthafucka!


I had the pleasure of meeting you in New shared some of your history with myself and the executive staff at the hotel in which I worked...We fell in love with you and will always hold you close to our hearts! Rest in Peace!


Electric Banana FTW!


Thanks for linking up the two albums - nobody else was really like Rudy Ray Moore. It was sad to return to the country to hear about his passing this week. I just posted my analysis of the Dolemite trailer in tribute over here:

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