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October 20, 2008



Cathy Carroll recently made her total output available for those who collect 60s music-other girl high school poppers who did the same thing are Diane Renay,Janie Grant,Andrea Carroll and Leslie Miller.
She was as good as anyone as a listen to the CD will show-her powerful voice was well suited to her revival of Johnnie Ray's Cry for instance.
Really the only difference between Cathy and say Peggy March is that the latter as luckier.
A few months before songwriters Tepper & Bennett were commissioned to provide songs for the Cliff Richard movie THE YOUNG ONES there was a recording of a song of this title by Cathy still in the can.However when the Cliff movie was released in the States it was retitled Its great to be young!
Meanwhile Cliff had a No 1 hit in the U K which was issued in the States on the Big Top label.And Cathy's original was put out in competition with it.
Probably Cliff sold more copies as he had a higher profile than a girl singer whose only chart entry had made the lower 90s.
Cathy also cut the only girl version of Brian Hyland's Ginny come lately as Johnny Come Lately.
Its all down to radio plays obviously but Cathy Carroll should have been massive


"Jimmy Love" is just BEGGING for a stark, organ-driven reinterpretation by some indie rock band.

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