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October 24, 2008



Thank you for sharing use information.This is the first time hearing that without ticket fee they are allowing for the show.We want you to come up with more shows like this.

Christian howes - Innovative music,Music producer, Music Composer


this is the best thing I've heard since
Assbaboons of Venus

Naked Lady Wrestler


shows in texas now skrotum! punkrocker!666! For real give it!

joseph y

trap falls ,rope sings like wind in the wire ,neck snaps loud and clear as a chinese gong the boy cuts himself dowen with a swich blade chases through the glass of a penny arcade peep show and rims a grining negro. fadout . (mark, and johnny and mark take a bow with the ropes around thair necks thay are not as young as thay appear in the blue moveis,,, thay look tired and petulant.) meeting of international conference of technological psychiatry naked lunch page 103 piller' s are all we are one zone bone phone calling home drink coke its ok i love it

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