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October 02, 2008


Brian Turner

Thanks for posting those awesome concert clips, Fatty!
Have loved the Patife Band stuff too, here's an album of theirs from Mutant:

Nash Rose

Yes! I love this man. Found his CD in the FMU record library a while back and man, I listen to him all the time. The Christian Vander of Portugal or something else equally too good to be true...kudos kudos kudos


very good Thanks..

Brian Turner

Brazil actually


He's speaking Brazilian Portuguese, so it's a little hard to follow, but from what I picked up here he seems to be doing standard antisociety artist rant: it sounds like an indictment of the shallowness and materialism of what he sees in Sao Paulo, and he's pointing an accusing finger at the newspapers, the media and the rush-rush busy-busy workaday pace of life there - he also seems to be making fun of a flaky guy who breaks a promise to him, mocking the man's lame explanation of why he (flake) flaked out on him (Clara). This becomes part of Clara's indictment of Sao Paolo. I may be wrong, but that's what it sounds like. I can also tell you the crowd at that festival ain't likin' the performance. They're whistling as the intro goes on and on, delaying the start of the "real song"; in our culture that's booing.

Looks like somebody booked an arty Fluxus-style performance at what was intended to be a standard "get up and shake your booty" samba festa.

Disclaimer: I'm European Portuguese-American, and Brazilian Portuguese is not the same - so I may be totally wrong and full of crap here.


arrigo barnabe is absolute amazing. i have a handful of his recordings and can't get over the genius of them. i found patife band first, though and from there contacted Paulo Barnabe(who plays drums in both Patife Band and Arrigo Barnabe's band) and found out about Arrigo Barnabe.

proof that your favorite music eventually finds its way to you eventually. glad to hear of others really loving this stuff.

Lorean Linchen

well, maybe I'm a little bit late here on the comments, but... lets go on.
I'm brazilian, so I can make a crappy translation on this song.
the story basically is about a woman whose husband died. so she went nuts, falling into the degradation and dirty alleys, not even bothering to sell her body (if you know what I mean).
in the interview, he's saying that his major influence on music are comics, specially will eisner, luiz gê and the spiderman. so, his music is the meeting between arnold schoenberg and the green goblin.

clara crocodilo is a ficctional character. clara, a girl's name, that resembles, in brazilian portuguese, the idea of light and naïveness + crocodilo, crocodile, the swamps, et caetera. clara crocodilo is a criminal, the public enemy nº1, a grotesque monster, the result of genetic manipulation and heartless scientists. the album is the story of durango, an office-boy, who, after walking through the mean streets of life, tests a new experimental drug for money, and is transformed into a huge and extremely dangerous mutant monster.

Gabriel M.

Arrigo has an especific interest on comics.. Clara crocodilo is like a character, a "marginal" character, like those comic's monsters. Its a reptile, but its history starts when he was a simply office boy, in love with a supermarket-attendent (maybe i´m not expressing my thoughts in good english, that's because i'm brazilian, from São Paulo, and dont speak english fluently)The criticism to the 80's is evident. A pharmaceutical company convinces him to do biochemical tests, what make he becomes a monster, looser on love, not diferent at the game, he is forgotten by all society, lives under the ground, with rats 'n cockroaches. his ignored hate can explode at any time. (a great metaphoric critic to the brazilian society, and how it deals with criminality and all the troubles related to that)
Actually Arrigo is going very well, giving concerts.. Recently he presented Clara Crocodilo(Clara Crocodile) with the original formation! and last week, he presented Tubarões Voadores (Flying Sharks) show!
Gabriel M. Barbosa

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