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October 30, 2008



Sarcastic things shouldn't be so long.

i don't understand this post. Are you taking libertarianism (which is really just organized selfishness) seriously, or no? Isn't libertarianism basically dead now? At least the free market isn't working out for us here in Ohio...


There's a site called Free Republic at which its denizens chat repeating those very same idiotic statements. Sarah Palin is their goddess. I think you would be quite welcome there, Irwin, and your paranoic cowardice towards Obama would be balmed by the group chanting of "socialist, socialist, socialist".

Doug S.

To all fellow readers of this blog: Which do you think is more damnable, Irwin's knowing that this screed is racist and dishonest, yet posting it anyway because it serves his political purposes -- or Irwin's not knowing?


All criticism of Obama is inherently racist, it seems. There is apparently no alternative basis for criticism. Every word used to dispute, reject, or refute his economic bromides is fraught with code. Can I borrow your decoder ring, Doug?

Janey Yonkers

Con: All criticism of Palin is sexist!

Lib: All criticism of Obama is racist!

Do people really believe this stuff, or do they just spout it because it serves their purpose in stifling critical discussion?


That cartoon is hilarious - and so true!


I'm a personal friend of Irwin's, and I thought you guys might like to know that you are all being hosed, big-time. Irwin has spent hours and hours working for Obama's campaign. He realized long ago that he could rally more support to the candidates he supports by adopting a radical conservative public persona, knowing that the intensity of the response to his remarks and "positions" would energize the base. And admit it, that's just what always happens, here and elsewhere. He'll never crack and break character, and he'll deny it 'till the cows come home, online or in person. But - trust me - "Irwin Chusid" is Irwin's Chusid's Tony Clifton.


Goddamn that li'l Obama! Always stealing Cracker Joe's hard earned plumbin' money and givin' it to the poor! The poor! Have you ever heard of anythin' so disgustin'? I'd much rather give all my money to companies on Wall Street.


I've known Irwin around, you know. And I think that Sneeky Pete is onto something, except that I didn't know that Irwin had any friends. That's sort of reassuring. And yeah, its probably true that Irwin is trying to energize the Obama base since it seems so.... wan. I mean, if you look around his very blue hometown there are almost no Obama bumper stickers or window signs. Take a look for yourself. In '04 there was lots of pro-Kerry and anti-Bush signage. This time, nada. It may mean that the Obama folks just take the election for granted. Of course in Palin Country they're marching down the streets with pitchforks ... not that the media knows about it. So, yeah, Irwin is onto the secret election. Going to be interesting to have Palin as vice president.


It is easier to believe that Sneekypete's post is the hosejob rather than Irwin's. At least SP took some time to think and compose something. Irwin just copied and pasted stuff without adding any commentary at all. And what's to be made of this: "I can no longer afford a trip to Israel anyway and I assume pictures of it will be archived on the internet."
Tom Smith is neither being funny or using code. He's not being racist, but neither is he offering any realistic basis for criticism.


Here here, Irwin! The homosocialist agenda is a menace to all Right thinkin' volk. Why, just last night I was prayin' to the Big Guy, sayin' "Why Lord, did you afflict us with these uppity negroids"? Then he mumbled something about slavery, and I said "Shut Yer Trap! I'm Talkin' to you!" and continued. The homosocialists! Yes. Their arugala combine farms are even as we speak being prepared for republican slave labor. We will be forced into gay marriage, and be made to share our precious peanut butter sandwiches! Oh yeah, and the black helicopter media elite mind control! Like for example, here's Joe the Plumber, being interviewed on Fox news, when suddenly black helicopter media elites swoop in, activating his secret brain implant controls, that make Joe falsely admit to being on welfare ( ) and his parents too! Holy shit! Are they controlling me now, even as I type these words! Is their no peace! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! THERE ARE BOLSHEVIKS IN MY BATHROOMMMMMMM!!!!!!


Poor pipe layin' Joe is learning a hard lesson about economics here. Endless wars and and credit default swaps don't just grow on trees. Keep on plunging those turds DJ Drudge!


I for one am sick of the talk about Israel. everyone knows that its a Zionist state and wouldn't exist except for the neo-cons. Obama will shift American policy and bring the Arab world into its rightful place in our foreign policy. The sufferings of the Palestinians will be recognized and the Israelis will get the upbraiding they deserve. Get off it Chusid/Zionist!

X.Ray Burns

Dont you know that by wanting to keep the money you earn and use it for things you need or want you are making a "virtue out of selfishness"? You MUST be a racist. A selfish, selfish, selfish racist.


It's okay Irwin, it will all be over soon. And by this time in 2016 you'll realize you're going to miss having Barack to kick around. I'm starting to feel that way about Dubya.


Hatch, my friend -- is it too early to start petitioning for impeachment?


McCain's buddies at Exxon just yesterday reported record-breaking quarterly profits, but you know, blablabla, they should get to keep it all, right? Maybe we need a dose of -oh my God, don't say it- Government regulation of this Capitalism gone horribly awry. I'm all for Obama picking Exxon executive's pockets and giving it to a methadone clinic in Camden, if that's what it takes.

Strait Talker

When Sarah taxes oil companies and sends a check to Alaskan citizens, she's a Maverick who takes on the energy monopolies, but when Obama suggests the exact same thing, he's a socialist Muslim who pals around with terrorists.


HA HA HA you can't make this stuff up. This guy says that he's OK with "Obama picking Exxon executives pockets and giving it to a methadone clinic in Camden". I'll bet that's a dog whistle, right? Cool racial coding? Lets people know that you're OK that a black guy should pick a white guy's pocket and turn it over to black junkies? So unbelievably cool like a Dem.


let's see, vote against the Bush tax cut, then call your opponent a socialist when he wants to repeal the same cut. I know Breckman will pay more, but does anyone care?

Sean Daily

Egh... that one little cartoon and one little editorial could get people so riled up...

McCainbots and Obamabots take note: Whoever wins the election, you are going to be SORELY disappointed. There are almost uncountable chickens from the Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II administrations, and they'll all be coming home to roost during the 2008-2012 cycle. You're going to pay more taxes, lose more rights and see your standard of living and your purchasing power worsen and shrivel over the next four years no matter who's gets the Oval Office... UNLESS the next president has the political acumen of FDR, the popular appeal of JFK and the wisdom of Solomon. McCain and Obama ain't it.


So unbelievably square and status quo like a Republican to skirt around the facts and make broad, sweeping generalizations to underscore a point that doesn't really exist. You guys have no real argument, so mud-slinging will have to do. The Neo-Conservatives have absolutely ruined the country, and still you cling doggedly to this "Obama will raise taxes" outcry. I guess the country ain't ruined enough. And by the way, it's never too early to start your assassination plot—c'mon, you know you want to.


There are some misconceptions passing as humor in this cartoon. I know humor is made of such things but let's look at them.

frame 1) Unless this plumber is making over $250,000 a year he won't have a tax increase if Obama is elected*, which some may construe as "taking money out of his pocket." Isn't it just fair that those who make more should pay more in taxes? Bush's tax cuts for the rich reversed that. We need to put things back so that all pay their fair share. *Source:

frame 2) So incongruous it isn't worth remarking about.

frame 3) The government giving more social services to those who need it is a bad thing? The characterization of the recipient of these social services (money) as someone who refuses to work is a favorite but unrealistic stereotype favored by Republicans and others and misses the point. More of those who need help will get it under Obama's direction. Sure, some will try to game the system and mistakes will happen.

frame 4) I don't think Obama (or anyone else except perhaps Republicans, Libertarians and similar philosophies) sees giving more support to those who need it as a constitutional issue. It is a moral one. Helping those who need it is good for the society as a whole. This frame is a non sequitur.

Perhaps if Irwin needs to make more money these days, he shouldn't be spending so much time at FMU which, as far as I know, doesn't pay him.


John L


Not sure which way Irwin's voting, but I'd put everything on blue. For starters, nothing in any of his anti-Obama posts have offered much in the way of real policy criticism. He mainly just reposts what others have said, which seems ever-so-slightly out of character.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but elderly Jews in this country seem to be left-leaning this time around. I'm also reasonably certain that he would benefit from Obama's tax plan, but I could be wrong about that. Plus, referring to Sarah Palin as McCain's "MILFy sidekick" has got to be some indication that he's still relatively sane.

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