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October 02, 2008




Holland Oats

these are 'great fodder' - keep 'em coming!

señor pantalones

the mix machine is the best thing to happen to the wfmu blog in years. thank you SO much for these tapes.


I used to go to the Rodium often for the mix tapes and I still have a bunch of them. Unfortunately I don't have a tape to mp3 hook-up so it's nice to find these online already. Thanks!


FYI: The track "This Is It" is by Jimmy Spicer(of "SuperRhyme" fame- c'mon you all remember that one from 1980 don'tcha??), not Spencer(as was misslabeled on the tape insert).

A lot of people probably remember this being sampled a lot by Dr. Dre for NWA's later albums("100 Miles & Running") and for the DOC remix of "Funky Enough".

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