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October 28, 2008



Thanks Brian! Have you been reading my Facebook status updates, or have The Saints just re-reentered the zeitgeist? Next time, I'm going to write "Wm. just wishes he had a homemade chocolate cream pie." I love the way they all look like they could just as easily be having a coffee down the street. Ed Kuepper's barely trying. And the bass player looks like he can actually play beyond the root—he would have been fired from the Pistols.

Brian Turner

No Wm., I didn't see that on your Facebook, but I am glad you enjoyed those pancakes last week!


C'mon, my status updates are the best. I did forget to mention they were buckwheat.


great stuff brian.


Love the Saints but I'm pretty sure they're lipsyncing on this video. I'd know for sure if there was a trumpet part in the song.

Now this seems live:

Live in Orstralia '78


This is so obviously lyp- and guitar-synched, it's rather disappointing. Good song though.

Bailey's Irish

Jeez, OF COURSE THEY ARE LIPSYNCHING. The guitarist is sliding up and down the fretboard with absolutely no relation to what is being played. They are bored stiff and playing that up. Why is this a problem for you people.


I don't think the drummer is even holding any sticks.


When did Australia get color TV?


When did Australia get color TV?


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