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October 01, 2008


Ernie (Not Bert)

So wait, is this the same Robert Way who did this great Christmas LP back in the sixties?

It's surprisingly good stuff. I got an email from him last year saying that he was recording again, but I heard the new stuff is more synthesizers instead of real orchestras, and it looses something in that.

Hear It Wow

It should be the same Robert Way. Fleetwood (who put out that Christmas album) was a local Massachusetts label that mostly produced sports documentaries. The New England connection can't be a coincidence.

Ernie (Not Bert)

Thanks for the confirmation. I bow to the power of your awesome record collection. Thanks a million for this!


Thanks for the kind words, but I must confess that my Christmas music collection would be quite lacking without your hard work.


Sounds better than I expected. Nothing cheesy or anything...



cinsel sohbet

ThanGuzel post


As a lifelong resident of the Boston area, I can tell you that WEZE was never an all-talk station.

You may have thought that because Alan Colmes worked there in the early-to-mid 1970's. But he was a DJ.

Colmes came to WEZE in late 1972, just as the station had dumped it's easy-listening format of thirteen years' standing, which was replaced by a top-40/oldies blend.

In August of 1975, after Colmes left, WEZE briefly went back to easy-listening, but it didn't work, and after eighteen months, the station flipped to an early version of Adult Album Alternative.

WEZE kept that format until the station was sold to Salem Communications in 1978 and went 24/7 religious programming.

WEZE in the mid-190's moved from it's original spot at 1260 to 590, where it continues to broadcast religious programming.


According to the December 27th, 1965 Boston Globe, this album was broadcast on WEZE that evening.

Although I don't know for certain, it's also possible that this album may also have been given away to listeners as a contest prize.

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