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October 28, 2008


Dale Hazelton

Pete Fornatale interviewed him Saturday night and he was very funny and totally with it. Then we watched the movie 'Tarantula" on WPIX with him hosting. It was a lot of fun and they should do that sort of stuff every Saturday night instead of showing episodes of American Idol from season two or whatever crap they broadcast.

Oh, and clicking on the Carol Miller link -- yeah, she'd be one of my favorites to hang out with, too.

Ray Brazen

I remember how you used to tell me your Zach stories in the ol' Froeburg Hall broadcast booth back in the days when I used to set my watch by you every Friday. So lovely to hear them again. May the man live to be 100.

Though, I suspect your reasons for Carol being your other fave PLJ-er to hang out with were quite different, to say the least?


Jeez, guys, Carol is cool and funny and kind of a 'character'—I wasn't implying anything the least bit untoward. I was, however, about 13 at the time. Still, get the blood back to your brains, fellas.


I have the album he did (Monster Mash) and may have already sent a CD of it to FMU. If not, let me know, and I'll send you another copy.


Zacherle's 1960 album -Spook Along With Zacherle- was reissued by Collector's Choice a couple of years ago ("Coolest Little Monster" and "Ring-a-Ding Orangoutang" are on it, but the other two are not). It's a blast. Zacherle announces his candidacy for President ('60 was an election year) on the last track.


Eh, never mind. I missed the link William included.


Thanks for posting these! They're great!


Did your dad REALLY pitch-up the music?

Malcolm Gault-Williams

Thank you for posting this. Sorry I missed the WPIX broadcast. Reminds me of what High Street used to do, in Denver, when we had KFML (TV movie audio muted, play-by-play by some very funny people)... As a kid growing up on Long Island during Zacherle's TV-reign, I can attest he WAS Holloween. That he kept in pace with us and often outpaced us during the freeform days was icing on the cake... Blogged this at:


Great stuff! Ummagumma's got some awesome horror music on it as well, especially the Rick Wright material.

Nancy Semon-Krauss


Great website. I was a dancer on Zach's teen show that ran from 1965-1967, called Disc-O-Teen. Last November I hosted a reunion of former dancers to the show, and we had a turnout of nearly 100. Zacherley came, of course, and the Doughboys played up a storm. They had appeared on the show some 40 years earlier, and three of the four original members are still together. Would love to share memories with others.

PS I used to visit Zach at WNEW-FM. He would be on the air and my girlfriends and I (all former dancers on his TV show) would sit around and be a part of rock history. We also got backstage when he emceed concerts.

David W.

I too, worked at WPLJ in the old days (though I don't remember any of Larry Berger's kids around the station, but I was mostly there very late at night). Zach was the first person to make me feel like a part of the of the 'PLJ family. I used to go in early on Friday nights just so I could spend some time hanging out with him in the studio. And he always was one of my favorites to listen to, both of WNEW-FM (before WABC-FM/WPLJ days) and after. And I too remember Disc-O-Teen (one of my high school classmate's band was feature on the show). If I remember correctly, Disc-o-Teen was on channel 36, later home of The Uncle Floyd Show.

There are rumors of a possible new Zacherle recording (ran into someone I know who is trying to coax Zach into doing it). Zach remains the coolest!


DUDE! I love you! sorta ... lol ...

been looking for JZ's stuff! THAAAANK YOUUU!

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