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October 22, 2008



Will the record bags be available to purchase for us who can't come along this year due to geographic inconveniences?


Love the t-shirt designed by Aaron Taylor Waldman. How can we order this online? I live on the west coast and can't make it to the Record & CD Fair to get one.

Liz B.

Andy, if we have leftover bags after the Record Fair, we will probably make them available for purchase in our online store. Deke, we will be offering the Woof-Moo tee on our pledge site around Nov 7. I'll post something to the blog once that's up and ready.


I'm baffled that Woof-Moo could be a runner up at anything - it's effin' awesome. You better be selling them in big sizes when you get them online...otherwise I'll just have to lose weight!


I want!!!


Those mittens are the most wonderful thing I've seen.
I hope they will indeed become available online.

Enid Coleslaw

I second all of you guys here. I'm hampered by major geographic 18-hour flight away!


The Woof-Moo is great: I do hope it will be available.

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