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October 29, 2008



Can "Obama Camp" be the left's answer to "Jesus Camp"?


These children, the Obama-Jungen, will one day man the homosocialist re-education camps, where unrepentent republicans will be forced into gay marriage with unicorns and rainbows.


more kids!\

Listener Greg G.\



Isn't Obama against gay marriage? It's amazing how people credit the guy with great positions 180 degrees from reality.

Taking him at his word, the only thing Obama is gonna "spread" is chunks of Afghan children around Afghanistan...


Check out the Pyongyang remix:

What's stunning is that it's Republicans who are turned off by this crud, since it's too scary fascist for them! Ha!

More stunning: my 35 year old friends who drank the Obama Kool-Aid advance the same "arguments" in the exact same language for Obama as these kids do. Change it, rearrange it... Obama's gonna lead us... unspecified, unspecified...

Me? Voting Nader 4th time. Anti-war, anti-bailout, and anti-creepy fascist/Messiah vibe.


SURELY we haven't forgotten Old Skull.

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