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October 10, 2008



Krys O.

How did y'all shoot video? I thought that the Fillmore would have the same exorbitant fee for the privilege of taping as the Clear Channel Irving Plaza did.




Fantastic show. Great job all around.

Not only was it an excellent show, it was an excellent opportunity to observe the elusive WFMU DJ in its natural habitat!

You have to be careful though, they spook easily. Especially Gaylord.

Gaylord Fields

There's a reason i stick to radio. And having seen me in the public sphere, you're well aware that it ain't because i'm anything less thank a handsome devil.


Awesome show! I was so fortunate to be right in the front and to hear "Silk Skin Paws" along with other great songs-Great show!!! Thanks FMU!

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